July 1, 2021

Does a deck add value to my home?


A deck also increases a home’s usable space – but costs only about half of what it would to build a new room in the house.

Beyond that, decks are popular gathering places. They will give your guests more open space to gather, rather than forcing them to hover in the kitchen or living room, and your family can get a lot of use out of their deck when the weather is nice.

Wood or low-maintenance material decks are popular and fairly common in many homes, so if everyone else in the neighborhood has a deck but you don’t, you may be hurting your resale value slightly.

You may also detract from your home’s value if you have an older deck that is no longer safe or just looks weathered, so if you have an old deck on your property, it’s a good idea to refurbish it before you sell your home.


The Money Factor

You want to spend enough money to get a great-looking and functional addition, but you don’t want to sink so much money into the project that you end up over-valuing your house and can’t get your asking price when it comes time to sell.

The nice thing about adding a deck is that it’s a relatively low-risk addition. In fact, a survey from Home Remodeling magazine found that composite decks return about 74% of their original cost and wood decks return about 87%, on average.

What Additions Can You Have?

Add a big screen TV, sound system, comfortable seating, and a wet bar, and you instantly expand your party space by finishing your deck area. Be sure to buy a weatherproof TV for outdoor use.
Install a full outdoor kitchen or roll out a portable cart to your patio table and chairs for your next dinner party. Enjoy the outdoor elements and make your neighbors jealous. Add some screening, and you won’t even have to worry about the bugs.
Create a comfortable seating area. Think about how you’d like to use your deck for yourself, your family, and for entertaining with friends. Instead of uncomfortable lawn chairs, maybe you need a couch and chairs with fun and functional cushions. Really great seating will make you want to spend more time on the deck!
Relax and enjoy. Nothing beats a hot tub in the quiet, private space beneath your deck. Make it your weekend oasis.
Increase your storage. Everyone these days could use a little more storage.

Build for Your Future

The fact of the matter is that adding a deck to your home will add value to your home and give you a greater piece of mind.

Why wouldn’t you choose this option?

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Whichever option you choose, Ace of Decks LLC is primed and ready to assist you at every step of the way. Schedule a consultation with one of our brilliant representatives and let’s begin a project together.