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Backyard Deck Ideas

Get inspired by the countless deck amenities that could be added to your new deck.

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Best Backyard Deck Ideas

At last, the weather is ideal for enjoying life outdoors. If you have a deck on your property with a fenced in yard, you have the ultimate outdoor entertainment advantage. You can invite friends and family to your home to enjoy an outdoor BBQ on your deck, a birthday party, a late night stargaze – the options are endless. If you have a fence, the children and pets you invite will be able to play freely in a safe outdoor space.

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Backyard Deck Ideas

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outdoor deck kitchen

Outdoor Deck Kitchen


A well-planned outdoor kitchen can be a big investment. If you cook outdoors frequently, you will enjoy the convenience of the amenities you’ve built into your space. Outdoor spaces can add great value to your home because:

  • You’ll be able to keep your indoor kitchen much cleaner
  • An outdoor kitchen is attractive to prospective buyers
  • Your home will feel bigger (more enjoyable space)


Area Planning For An Outdoor Kitchen

Think about your outdoor cooking style. As mentioned, if you are really into grilling, you will want a well-equipped grilling area.

A well-designed outdoor kitchen should be efficient and attractive and VERSATILE. Easy access to the indoor kitchen is a must. I also recommend adding a dining area to increase functionality.

When designing, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I incorporate shelter from the elements?
  • What will I cook outdoors? Full meals, including side dishes?
  • Will I also eat outdoors? Will I entertain outdoors?
  • What look do I want? Rustic, modern, contemporary?
  • Are there specialty items, like pizza or seafood, that I will prepare outdoors?

Also, think about the other activities that go around your outdoor kitchen. Do you want a bar space? If your outdoor kitchen is near a pool, think about combining it with a pool house. Here is something important to consider.

If it is so close to a pool, you may want to add a fence or barrier so kids don’t get too close to the water’s edge.

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Outdoor Lighting

Powered by in-liteTM

Outdoor lighting gives your yard a cozy and warm atmosphere and serves to let you enjoy your yard in the evening. With an outdoor lighting motion detector you can control when the lights come on so you can walk safely through your yard and to the front door. Place outdoor lighting along a path, driveway, patio, or between your plants, under your canopy, along the fence, or use an outdoor light to illuminate trees. Choose the right outdoor lighting for your yard.

For a beautifully illuminated garden, we always recommend creating a lighting plan. But what ensures that your lighting plan will be a success? These are the 4 most important tips for a successful lighting plan. When creating a lighting plan, you decide what you want to illuminate, how you want to illuminate it, and what fixtures you will use to illuminate it. But to create a lighting plan with a beautiful light balance, there are 4 essential criteria that you must keep in mind.

Get inspired by our AZEK RESURFACE WITH CABLE RAILING project with stunning lights!
Azek Resurface Project

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But to create a lighting plan with a beautiful light balance, there are 4 essential criteria that you must keep in mind


When designing your lighting plan, it is good to realize where you actually look at your yard from the most. This is often from the living room and the deck. So make sure that your lighting plan creates a nice view of the yard from these places in the evening.


Make sure your lighting plan provides enough contrast. That is, not too much but also not too little lighting. Your yard does not have to be a huge sea of light. Ensure there are also darker areas in the yard since this causes the lighted areas to be more noticeable.


You create excitement in your lighting plan by alternating big or bright outdoor lighting with fixtures that provide subtle or soft light. This makes your lighting plan more interesting. Each in-lite fixture shown on the website and in the product catalogue indicates the kind of light they provide.


Also, create variation in your lighting plan by using different lighting directions and types of fixtures. For example, if you only use outdoor spotlights, this creates a one-sided, boring impression. Combine ground lights, bollards, wall lights and spotlights together. This creates an interesting lighting effect.

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Louvered Roofs


Think of louvered roofs as pergolas, except for the fact that they can be opened and closed at will. Create the ideal amount of sun or shade with a roof that is bound to keep your outdoor furniture safe from the weather elements. Louvered roofs are quite functional and can be controlled with a button or an app. Not only would it be a stunning addition to your home, but it would also add tremendous value to your home. Click the button below to find out even more about louvered roofs.

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Retractable Power Screens


Enjoy these incredibly versatile retractable power screens that can be opened and closed with a button/app. Use these outdoor privacy screens to keep warm, block out the sun and wind, keep bugs out, amplify your outdoor living space, and to relax. They come in a variety of sizes/spans along with an array of mesh options. Click the button below to read even more about retractable power screens.
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outdoor concrete fireplace

Outdoor Fireplaces


Deck fireplaces are a great option for any homeowner looking to add a warm and welcoming gathering place to their outdoor living area. They can increase the ambience of any deck, provide a natural entertaining spot, and even serve as a cooking space. You have a wide array of options to consider for your deck fireplace, from custom-built units designed to your exact specifications to simple, portable models you can pick up from your local hardware or home improvement store.

Your first decision when it comes to your deck fireplace will be related to its location. Any outdoor fire feature should keep safety first in mind when it comes to location. Firstly, any deck fireplace should rest on top of a fire-resistant mat. It should be completely clear of any low-hanging branches, bushes, shrubs or other flammable elements. When you’ve ruled out any safety concerns, think about how your deck fireplace will be used. Is it meant mainly to serve as a gathering space, for comfort and conversation among guests, friends and family? Will it be used for cooking, and will meals take place nearby? What’s the maximum capacity of guests you can foresee gathering around the fireplace on your deck? These factors may help determine the location, scope and size of the deck fireplace you ultimately decide to incorporate.Start Your Project

Outdoor Entertainment


Smart home tech and automation includes anything from wireless speakers to heating and cooling systems. With devices that support lighting, security, entertainment, landscaping and irrigation, you can level up your outdoor living spaces, too. It’s easy to transform your backyard into a functional and comfortable haven by embracing smart outdoor technology.

Entertainment Systems

Entertaining is easy when you have a smart home setup in your backyard. Smart speakers with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi allow you to connect a phone to stream music directly from your personal device. You can even opt for speakers disguised as natural features like rocks so you can maintain the organic flow of your garden.

Another fun way to use smart tech for outdoor entertaining is a theater system. Mount a projector under your porch’s awning, a gazebo or canopy and host movie nights for neighbors, family and friends. You can buy a collapsible screen or simply drape a white sheet over the fence for the perfect big-screen experience. Complete your patio layout with a few chairs and chaises for comfy open-air seating.

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Tips to Enhance Your Smart Yard

Why go out when your backyard has everything you need? With the wide variety of outdoor smart tech available, you can create a space that perfectly suits your interests and needs. With a small investment, you can save money and have a customized, modern retreat for you and your family.

Create a Hangout Space

Now that you have your deck up-to-date with the latest in smart home technology, you can create the coolest hangout space with stylish patio furniture. Whether you have a large porch with a sprawling conversation set or want to decorate a small space like an apartment balcony, these ideas can help you craft an impressive spot to chill with friends and family:

  • Tables and Chairs: From an adorable picnic set to extension tables for big celebrations, patio tables make decorating and entertaining a breeze. Use them for setting out snacks or add a few coordinating club chairs for a chic place to sip tea and listen to an audiobook.
  • Lounge Seating: A comfortable outdoor living space needs cozy seating. Chaise lounges are ideal for tanning by the pool while a sectional has enough room to seat all of your guests. Patio chairs are a great, lightweight option when you need to rearrange for backyard movie nights.
  • Cocktail and Bar Ideas: Gather with friends for a few cocktails and good conversation around an intimate bar table set. Add a wireless, waterproof speaker so you can enjoy good music while you hang out. These high tables and chairs are also a great alternative to large dining ensembles when you have limited space.
  • Garden Benches and More: Garden decor like string lights and birdbaths complement wrought iron benches to create a charming outdoor retreat. Place a few solar-powered lanterns throughout the area for a whimsical, fairy garden aesthetic.

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Outdoor Storage


Running out of space to organize your yard tools, pool care, and outdoor toys? An elevated deck provides plenty of room to store extra items so you can stay organized without sacrificing your garden. Once you take the steps to ensure your under deck stays dry, make the most of every inch of your property with these storage tips.

Create a Pool Cabana

Pool maintenance is so much more than scooping leaves, and experienced pool owners know how quickly buckets of shock and floating tools can overwhelm your shed.

Many outdoor storage chests can comfortably fit under a raised deck and help you separate your pool toys from the yard tools. You can even organize them by purpose, including maintenance, fun, and pool accessories like towels and sunscreen.

Maximize Space With a Shed

A tall enough deck may even fit an entire shed underneath, which can save your grass and provide some extra security. Some nice deck skirting or creative landscaping can hide the storage under your deck so your yard looks as beautiful as ever and you still know exactly where your work gloves are.

Hide Your Garden Equipment

Garden accessories like hoses, stakes, and fertilizer can be hard to store and organize. Even low-lying decks can fit weather-safe totes underneath, which can be perfect for odd tools and supplies that might otherwise spill or make a mess of your garden shed.

Organize Your Yard Toys

Hunting for stray Legos, sand shovels, and yard games hiding in grass before mowing is a chore in itself. Save yourself the hassle and get an outdoor toy box for your kids to help toys last longer and keep them off the lawn. Try tying cleanup to a fun game like having your kids compete to save the most toys from an “alien ant invasion” to build a habit that lasts.

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Hot tubs


For many, a hot tub is the ultimate in deck entertaining. Retrofitting a deck to hold a hot tub isn’t a small job. If your deck is low enough, you should rest the hot tub on a concrete pad for support with the deck built around it. Plan your placement carefully to avoid peering eyes. For a comfortable entry, try to build the deck at the same elevation as the tub’s seating. Hot tubs are extremely heavy, so if you’re putting one on top of your deck, be sure your contractor adds sufficient support below it.

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decks with glass railing

Glass Deck Railing


Glass deck railing is a unique feature that absolutely everyone should know about. Formed by an iron-free frameless glass panel, they have the ability to both light up and amplify the beauty of your deck. At night time, they will illuminate your outdoor living space with 12 LED color options to choose from. The great thing about these railings is that they have high aesthetic appeal, and versatility, create a solid barrier and are extremely durable. Click the link blew to find out more about glass deck railings.


Explore Glass Deck Railing

Under-Deck Drainage System


FIf you have a two-story deck, chances are you could do with an under-deck drainage system. As rain comes down, it is collected via a network of pipes that divert it away from your deck, leaving it in pristine condition. An under-deck drainage system is also a chance to create usable space, improve the appearance of your deck, increase the property value and enhance safety. Want to add more style to your deck? Great! Add some furniture and some entertainment systems for maximum enjoyment. The options are limitless. Click here for even more under deck covering ideas.

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