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Deck Inlay Designs

Beautify your new deck with deck inlay patterns that resemble a work of pure art

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picture frame deck

Deck Inlay Designs in Bolingbrook

Also known as deck inlay patterns, this unique form of art is created with deck boards that can be complex or as simple as you want them to be. A sheer amount of detail goes into these deck inlay designs in order to safely install the boards. Choose from many inlay designs including Herringbone, Diagonal, Pinstripe, Picture frame, Curved, Tile, and Single-Width.
Decking inlay allows you to express creatively on your new deck and will add value to the outdoor living space. When you think “inspiring deck ideas,” you may primarily think of the shape of the space, the color of the boards, or even outdoor living décor. And while those are all important elements to consider as you work to create your decking dreams, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. We break down some stunning deck inlay designs below, so have a look and get inspired.

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Best Deck Inlay Designs

picture frame deck patterns

Picture Frame Deck Designs


Picture framing a deck involves running at least one layer of deck board around the perimeter of the deck, at the edge of the inlay. Picture frame patterns lend a polished feel to your outdoor living space while also staying subtle enough not to compete with other add-ons like lighting or railing. For those who gravitate toward more traditional styles but want a subtle finish to their outdoor living space, picture frame deck patterns will have your neighbors regarding your deck like the work of art it is.


Benefits to This Style: Picture Frame Deck Designs

  • Hides the Ends of Composite Decking: Adding a picture frame detail to your composite deck is a great way to combine elevated style and straightforward protection. The edge-tracing picture frame lends a nicely finished look, and at the same time, creates a natural cover to finish the ends of composite decking.
  • Won’t Compete for Center Stage: Picture frame designs lend visual interest to your outdoor living space without dominating other features like lighting or railing. They also keep the look of the space subtly modern and more versatile than some of the more statement-making deck patterns like tile or herringbone.

Herringbone Deck Framing


Elegant, intricate, and textural, nothing says “luxury decking” quite like a herringbone pattern. Herringbone deck designs are formed by repeating instances of two deck boards meeting at 45-degree angles. The crisscrossed, interlocking design evokes the richness of woven textiles and takes a deck from straightforward to statement-making. Also, check out our Best Herringbone Deck Ideas blog for more inspiration.



Benefits to This Style: Herringbone Deck Framing

  • Packs a Punch: This advanced deck pattern is rich in visual interest and immediately elevates the style of your outdoor living space. Because of the tightness of the pattern, a herringbone inlay pairs best with larger decks where the pattern can recur. Herringbone deck designs also work well as an intricate focal point when used as a framed inlay offset by single-width decking throughout the rest of the space.
  • Accommodates a Unique Deck Shape: Depending on the collection and product line, TimberTech boards come in lengths of 12′, 16′, and 20′. If your deck is longer than a single board’s span, a herringbone insert at the center of the deck can cover any natural breaks and minimize joints and gaps.

Deck Patterns Pinstripe TimberTech-Driftwood-Reserve-Collection-PRO-Decking

Pinstripe Deck Pattern


Crisp and coastal-cool, the pinstripe is one of the deck patterns that evokes thoughts of a relaxing and sun-soaked afternoon. Traditionally defined by two narrow boards buffeted by standard or wide-width boards on either side, the pinstripe pattern promises villa vibes even if you don’t live in a tropical climate. If you gravitate toward subtle but intentional design and have an eye for detail, this is the deck pattern for you.


Benefits to This Style: Pinstripe Deck Pattern

  • Elevates the Look and Feel: As deck patterns go, installing one reminiscent of suit fabric will go a long way toward communicating a sense of resort-ready sophistication — however, just like single-width or picture framed decks, a pinstripe pattern won’t upstage or compete with other décor.
  • Reimagines Decking: Because this pattern is a fresh take on a popular deck layout, you can expect family and friends to feel immediately welcome at the same time you showcase your unique taste.

Diagonal Deck Inlay


Nothing says “dynamic design” like a diagonal inlay. With sleek lines streaming from stage left to right, diagonal deck patterns showcase a high level of stylistic complexity and deliver some serious curb appeal. Diagonal inlay deck patterns are not for the faint of heart — this design is dynamic and unique, so expect to have an outdoor living space that sparks conversation.



Benefits to This Style: Diagonal Deck Inlay

  • Introduces Alternate Dimensions: Diagonal lines draw the eye through a space. Especially for larger decks, diagonal lines can imply a gentle flow of traffic — especially when anchored by furniture or a dining table at strategic points, like in the photo above. The final effect? A multi-dimensional outdoor living space that clearly supports different uses.
  • Modernizes Your Home: Diagonal lines make a fresh style statement that can’t be denied, making even more traditional homes look and feel contemporary.

Deck Patterns Tile

Tile Deck Pattern


Tile deck patterns are formed by adjoining framed portions (“tiles”) whose inlays run perpendicular to one another. The geometric design is pleasing to the eye and the crisp right angles convey precision and intentionality. Talk about a high-end outdoor living space.


Benefits to This Style: Tile Deck Pattern

  • Stately Elegance: The clearly defined linework of this deck pattern shows off the unwavering, buckle-free profile of your premium-performance composite deck. If you have a home whose exterior also plays up contours and borders — such as a Cape Cod- or Craftsman-style home — this pattern provides a seamless complement.
  • Establishes Space: The clear borders to this deck pattern draw the eye outward, contributing to a sense of enlarged space. That said, the repeating pattern of tile deck patterns mean that this inlay option is best-suited for a sizeable outdoor loving space.

Curved Deck Patterns


Curved deck boards are formed through the process of heat bending which allows the boards to be molded into curved shapes. This is an option for engineered decking, only — wood deck boards cannot retain their structural integrity when heat is applied.

What Is Heat Bending?

Heat bending involves heating the deck boards up to high temperatures. Once heated, the boards can be bent into a curved shape. When the boards cool, they retain the new, curved profile.
Due to the high temperatures needed, our capped polymer decking line, TimberTech AZEK, is the ideal decking line for this process.



Curved Composite Decking Design Ideas

curving with the landscape

Curving With the Landscape

Dramatic Curved Stairs

Dramatic Curved Stairs

Curved Bench Section

Curved Bench Section


Single-width Deck Pattern


Single-width, as you might guess, is a deck pattern where the inlay is made up of the same width of boards across the entire deck. This go-to deck pattern has stood the test of time for a reason. The consistent lines evoke classic style and won’t compete with other design elements you might introduce, whether those be variable pieces like outdoor living furniture or a more permanent pergola. If you yearn for a timeless deck design that exudes classic vibes combined with an adherence to balance and structure, this deck pattern is for you.


Benefits to This Style: Single-Width Deck Pattern

  • Easy Installation: Because this is the most straight-forward inlay option and uses standard framing, you can expect a timely installation from your contractor. If you’re interested in going the DIY route, single-width decking is an accessible project — but with a final product that is just as gorgeous as some of the more advanced deck patterns.
  • Versatile and Scalable: The timeless, unimposing feel of this pattern means that it works well on decks of any size. When used on a larger deck, the no-frills pattern echoes the airiness of your outdoor living space. On a smaller deck, the straight lines won’t pull the eye downward, maximizing a sense of openness and banishing feelings of clutter.

Top Deck Inlay Designs

Have you been searching for “Deck Inlay Patterns”?

As the top-rated deck builders in Bolingbrook, we understand how transformative deck inlay designs can be for your new deck. Whether you choose deck inlay patterns like herringbone, diagonal, pinstripe, picture frame, curved, tile, or single-width, they are bound to turn your outdoor living space into a head-turner. The great part is that here at Ace of Decks, we only specialize in innovative deck-building services, which means you are going to benefit from cutting-edge technology and ideas. Any company can build a deck, but why not add deck inlay designs to make it that much more attractive? There are several amenities/services that you can add to your deck, but deck inlay patterns continue to be a popular choice amongst our customers. Give us a call today at (630) 354-8887, or fill out a form and get started today. It’s time to take your deck from “good” to “great” with deck inlay designs.

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Deck Inlay Designs: Popular Questions


A picture frame composite deck adds serious style and elegance to your backyard. To create a picture frame deck patterns, you need to lay at least one deck board — up to three — around the perimeter of your deck, perpendicular to the deck surface. Give us a call at: (630) 354-8887 to find out more about how deck inlay patterns can help accentuate your outdoor living space.



The herringbone deck design is an elaborate, fun design that brings a dynamic look to your deck surface. Created by repeatedly laying two deck boards at a 45-degree angle, a herringbone arrangement can be designed with different deck board widths or colors to create an inspiring deck pattern. Due to the intricacy of the design, herringbone pairs best with larger decks that have the space for the pattern to repeat. Do decking inlay designs interest you? Visit our contact us page to find out even more!



To create a space that’s truly eye-catching, incorporate deck patterns in your deck surface. Whether you choose a simple design or one that incorporates multi-width decking, you can create a pattern that will make your deck the focal point of your yard. Some patterns that will beautify your outdoor living space include picture frame, herringbone, pinstripe, single-width, curved, tile, and diagonal. Start your project here and add deck inlay patterns to your deck today.



Yes! Before diving into backyard deck design ideas, you need to think through how you can use your space to its fullest potential. The size of your backyard is a crucial factor to consider, as it will affect the layout and design of your deck, patio, and/or landscaping. Visit contact us today and let’s get started.



Why build a 25-year deck on a wood frame that rots? Our Evolution steel deck framing and stair system is just as easy to install as wood – even on curves. The interlocking joist and ledger system enables you to build sturdy, safe decks with less effort. Designed by deck builders for deck builders, Evolution framing offers greater spans, and its powder coated finish provides increased resistance against corrosion.



Steel framing offers numerous advantages over wood. It’s just as easy to install, and is compatible with all deck boards, but unlike wood, steel delivers straight, uniform pieces engineered for longer spans, and is naturally fire and insect resistant. Fortress® steel framing is also backed by a 25-year warranty and won’t rot or sustain moisture-damage like wood. Steel is also sustainable, which makes it a great option for environmentally conscious builders and homeowners. To learn more about how steel stacks up against wood, visit our website or watch this video.

Best Picture Frame Deck Designs

Have you been searching for “Picture Frame Deck Patterns?”

The term “picture frame deck designs” is actually searched quite a bit on the internet. In fact, it’s almost as popular as searching for herringbone deck designs, and we’re not surprised by this. As mentioned above, picture frame deck patterns give your deck a more polished feel, but will also complement the lighting and railing. It’s like adding a touch of class to your outdoor living space and giving it that “wow” factor. There are a few ways to customize when it comes to picture frame deck designs including contrasting colors, changing up widths, and frame for frame. For contrasting colors, consider choosing picture frame deck boards in a color that contrasts the main boards. An example of changing up widths would be using the wide-width boards of the Harvest Collection’s Brownstone as a bold perimeter to offset the narrow-width boards of the collection’s Slate Gray which keeps things looking fresh yet timeless. Great idea for picture frame deck patterns right? Lastly, frame for frame may include opting for fascia boards from the same product line as the deck boards you use for the picture frame for a monochromatic look or go with the crisp white and unbeatable durability of AZEK Trim crafted from cellular PVC. Start your project by filling out a form, or give us a call at (630) 354-8887. Remember, don’t settle for a simple-looking deck, but rather accentuate it with picture frame designs.

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Deck Inlay Designs: Gallery

picture frame composite deck

Picture Frame Deck Designs

herringbone deck pattern

Herringbone Deck Framing

diagonal decking patterns

Diagonal Decking Pattern

tile deck pattern

Tile Deck Pattern

curved deck pattern

Curved Deck Pattern

Top Herringbone Deck Framing

Have you been searching for “Herringbone Deck Design?”

Considered to be an adventurous/advanced type of inlay, herringbone deck framing is creme-de-la-creme when building a truly elegant deck. It’s essentially like going from a 2-star restaurant to a 5-star one. The point is that the level of detail and quality is on show for all to see. Keep in mind that herringbone deck designs require a specialized substructure and a combination of both single and doubled joists to provide structural support where the ends of the deck boards meet. We must emphasize that given the complexity of these types of deck patterns, we recommend working with an experienced contractor and budgeting for more time. Master Different Widths: Depending on the size of your deck and/or the size of the accent portion of the deck for which you’re planning a herringbone pattern, you may have room to play with multi-width options. Although herringbone deck framing is stunning when constructed with narrow-width deck boards, a wide-width or sprawling outdoor living space could accommodate a herringbone accent made from standard-width decking. Have we given you some kind of a clue? If so, give us a call at (630) 354-8887, or fill out a form and start your new project. Building a new deck is a monstrous undertaking, so why not add herringbone deck designs to it.

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Who: The Best Deck Builders

It’s important to pick the best deck builder when it comes to building out deck inlay designs. The level of detail it takes to lay out these inlays is simply immense. The good thing is that here at Ace of Decks, we pride ourselves on bringing families together by creating innovative outdoor living spaces. That means that even with deck inlay patterns, we aim to dig into the emotional side of our customers. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be around without you, so it’s the extra mile or nothing else.

What: Deck Inlay Patterns

As you’ve probably read by now, there are many ways to design your deck when it comes to inlays. Picture frame deck designs are certainly the most popular choice on the internet, followed by herringbone deck framing. Not only do inlay designs look stunning, but they add value to your home in the long run. It’s also a chance to show off to friends and family members. Enjoy a sip of wine or hot chocolate on your lovely new picture frame deck patterns. Also ask about herringbone deck design when you call (630) 354-8887.

Where: Your Outdoor Living Space

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, so why wouldn’t you put as much effort into it? With a host of services such as picture frame deck patterns, composite decks, louvered roofs, retractable screens, steel deck framing, crystal railing, under-deck drainage systems, and deck amenities, your options are simply limitless. In terms of options, look at this inlay design page. Not only do you have herringbone deck framing, but there are other inlay designs that will make your deck pop and give you something to enjoy. We know you’ve been searching for “picture frame deck patterns”, however it’s now time to put that into action a get things started.

Why: Your Outdoor Living Space Matters

It’s time to reimagine what an outdoor living space looks like. Adding picture frame deck designs or herringbone deck design for example should be a given in the process. Gone are the days of simple wood decks with nothing else to stand for it. Intricate and sophisticated methods are readily available now, especially with Ace of Decks around. Starting a project with us entails regular checkups and sheer attention to detail. The reason we are emphasizing picture frame deck patterns and herringbone deck design is because we want you to enjoy the very best features. Upgrade your outdoor living space today by filling out a form or calling (630) 354-8887.

When: NOW

There’s simply no better time to start the deck building process than NOW. It honestly does not matter what time of the year it is because business simply never stops. Even in the winter! Something as intricate as deck inlay patterns require time and planning to make sure it comes out perfectly. Picture frame deck designs, and herringbone deck framing are also services that need attention to detail. Start the planning process today and fill out a form. Also enquire about deck inlay patterns by calling (630) 354-8887.


Enhance your outdoor living space with deck inlay designs

Our deck inlay designs are a chance to make your deck shine and take it to the next level, especially with picture frame deck patterns and herringbone deck design. A simple look is fine, but a complex look will have a host of benefits to your new deck. Let Ace of Decks carefully craft your outdoor living space so that it lasts for years to come. We strongly believe that decking inlay patterns will set you apart from your neighbors. Head over to our contact us page to get started on your new project. Enquire about picture frame deck patterns for an added advantage.

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