Bringing Convenience and Versatility to Your Outdoor Living Space | The Benefits of Retractable Power Screens
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Retractable Power Screens

Open and close your deck screens with a button

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What are Retractable Power Screens?

Our retractable power screens have the ability to be opened and closed with a button. They are smart screens that grant you privacy, comfort and protection and will add value to your outdoor living space.
Relax and read a book or host a party within your retractable screens.

  • Smart screens opened and closed with a button
  • Intelligent motors that detect wind and obstacles
  • Screens and vinyl withstand wind up to 65 mph in closed position

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Best Retractable Power Screens

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Features & Ratings


  • Highest quality mesh. We provide screens for every application (Sun, Wind, Privacy, Bugs, Warmth).
  • Screens and vinyl withstand wind up to 65 mph in closed position.
  • Intelligent motors that detect wind and obstacles. Our housings and tracks are high quality extruded aluminum with a powder coated finish.
  • We offer a variety of profiles to facilitate fixed screens and buildout.

Smart Home Capability


  1. Download our app and control your screens on a schedule and from anywhere in the world.
  2. Voice recognition capability through smart home products.
  3. Integrate with your current home control system.

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best motorized retractable patio screens



Due to the high quality of our components, we proudly offer the best warranty in the industry.

  • 10 Years components and finish
  • 5 Years mechanical
  • 1 Year mesh and vinyl

Warranty covers manufacturers defects, regular wear and tear, and any other incidentals that are not caused by misuse of the product.

Retractable Power Screens – Pricing

housing sizes and spans

Housing Sizes and Spans

5.5” HOUSING can span up to 22’ wide and 11’ drop
– Available with square or rounded housing cover
7” HOUSING can span up to 30’ wide and 22’ drop
– Only available with rounded housing cover


We have a variety of mesh densities and colours to meet your needs. For more details, please contact us.

density comparison

Controlled w/ a remote

control with a remote

Mesh Options

types of mesh


  • Housing integrated into home, hidden from view.
  • Block 55-95% of sun and wind.
  • Gaposa motor operation with Smart Home integration.
  • Integrated smart phone and Smart Home capability.
  • A variety of powdercoated colours to choose from – standard – black, white and brown.
  • Industry leading warranty, 10 years on all components, 2 years on mesh, 1 year on vinyl.
  • Superior RF welded seam with #8 coiled Zipper to securely hold mesh in the tracks.
  • Industry leading Gaposa motors with the only triple-try obstacle detection in the market.
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Retractable Power Screens – Gallery

retractable wind screens

Retractable Wind Screens

retractable outdoor privacy screens

Retractable Outdoor Privacy Screens

three season sunroom

Three Season Sunroom

patio screen room

Patio Screen Room

retractable privacy screens

Retractable Privacy Screens

retractable privacy screens for decks

Retractable Privacy Screens for Decks

Retractable Power Screens: Popular Questions

Are retractable power screens worth it?

Absolutely. Using the same housing and superior track system, industrial strength vinyl can be used instead of screen, creating a weather proof area that extends the use of the space into all seasons and weather conditions.


Do retractable power screens block wind?

Yes! Adding retractable screens to your pergola design can help you deflect winds, rain, snow, and glare from the sun, ensuring a more comfortable, inviting outdoor living space year-round.


How long do retractable power screens last?

As long as our motorized retractable screen systems are properly cleaned, maintained, and stored during the winter months, they should last for many years to come without any issue.


Do retractable power screens keep bugs out?

With a motorized screen, you can keep the pesky flies and mosquitos out during spring and summer for a more relaxing time enjoying your outdoor space. Retractable screens can also protect your furniture and other decor items from the sun’s UV rays.


What is the difference between a retractable power screen and a sliding screen door?

Instead of sliding out of the way like a traditional sliding screen door, retractable screens slide inside or lay around the door. Because they roll out of the way easily, it makes it easy for retractable screens to serve non-traditional openings such as French doors.

Retractable Power Screens – Pricing

retractable screen door

The Ultimate Retractable Screens


For those who want the ability to completely remove the screen, perhaps over the winter months or during parts of the day, Suncoast offers RETRACTABLE POWER SCREENS.
While the average installation is a 10-12-foot-wide screen; Suncoast RETRACTABLE POWER SCREENS can fit single openings as large as 30 feet wide (with a fully enclosed housing) and 24 feet tall! They are a great solution for commercial and residential renovation and construction projects.

With the click of a button, your screens conveniently roll down to provide comfort and protection. When not in use, they simply roll up out of view. If you have a fireplace or heaters in your outdoor area, retractable screens create a room that retains the heat, blocks the wind, and keep those bugs out.
Combined with over 25 years of industry experience, Suncoast RETRACTABLE POWER SCREENS use the highest quality materials and components to create a product second to none.

wind screens retractable

Retractable Wind Screens

The who, what, where, why, and when
Who YOU! Customer satisfaction is our top priority because without you, there is no Ace of Decks. With our specialized retractable wind screens, we’ll truly show you the power of technology.
What: Here at Ace of Decks we like to make things as simple as A, B, C. With retractable wind screens we are doing just that. Simplifying the game in this industry.
Where: Your outdoor living space of course! The addition of a retractable wind screen can add some much needed spice to your deck/patio.
Why: You’ve got to this point, so must’ve read about all of the available options above. Retractable wind screens keep your area insulated, keep the bugs out, and protect you from harsh weather types.
When: The best time to start the process of building a deck is ANYTIME. Get the ball rolling today and ask about retractable wind screens.
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Retractable Outdoor Privacy Screens

Who: The homeowner. As the primary deck contractor, we simply want to make sure you have the best retractable outdoor privacy screens to match.
What: These innovative screens are built with withstand the crazy weather elements of the Midwest. Call us at (630) 354-8887 and ask about retractable outdoor privacy screens.
Where: Your deck within your outdoor living space. It’s just as important as your actual home, so add value to it with retractable outdoor privacy screens.
Why: There are a number of reasons listed above, but with retractable outdoor privacy screens you should focus on aesthetics, functionality, and logevity.
When: These screens can last you a lifetime if well taken care of. Start the process be enquiring about retractable outdoor privacy screens and what they can do for you and your family.

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sunroom three season

Retractable Patio Walls

Who Ace of Decks and YOU. Retractable patio walls have literally changed people’s lives over the past few years.
What: Searching for the “retractable patio walls”? You’ve certainly come to the right place because Ace of Decks specializes in building these innovative outdoor screens.
Where: Your home and your outdoor living space. Picture yourself sipping a cup of hot chocolate or wine in your new retractable patio walls.
Why: Spruce things up for your outdoor living space and introduce an outdoor retractable patio walls that will last you decades
When: There’s simply no better time than now. Pick up the phone and call (630) 354-8887, or visit our contact us page and asked about retractable patio walls.

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Enhance your outdoor living space with a retractable power screens

Our retractable power screens are a chance to make your deck shine and take it to the next level, especially with the option to open and close the outdoor screens. Do not underestimate the benefits that these screens can bring to your backyard. Let Ace of Decks carefully craft your outdoor living space add add true value to your home. We strongly believe that retractable power screens will set you apart from others. Head over to our contact us page to get started on your new project. Enquire about retractable wind screens for the best advantage.

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