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What is Composite decking?

Whether you’re interested in a ground-level patio or a multi-level masterpiece, at Ace of Decks we understand that a deck is an investment. Our goal is to help inform you with all your options such as material needed. While most of the structure of the deck is made of treated lumber, the actual decking is the part you walk on. This part can be made of wood, PVC or a composite material.
Although composite materials weren’t used until the late 1900s, this material has begun to revolutionize the world of decking. Composite lumber combines plastic with wood fibers.
In your search for decking materials, you might feel overwhelmed with information. We decided to help you by providing the benefits for composite decking. After all, composite decking has increased in popularity, making it among the top choices for decking materials.

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Best Composite Decks

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Superior Durability


If your deck is going to be the location where your family gathers, you want to ensure the deck material is strong enough to hold the weight of people, pets, and furniture. This can be expected with composite decking as they are designed for maximum durability.

Composite decks won’t rot, crack or warp and also resist:

  • Fading
  • Staining
  • Scratching
  • Mold

Minimal Maintenance


Because composite decks have superior durability, there will not be a need for painting, staining, or sanding. They are easy to maintain, which will save you time, effort and potentially money.
Traditional wood requires frequent power-washing and staining to keep their color; whereas composite decking only needs occasional soap-and-water cleaning to retain its beauty. Staining your deck may not sound as bad as watching paint dry, but what about when you have to repeat the whole process every 1-3 years?
Minimal maintenance is a key factor when it comes to composite decks, so be sure to check out our Best Composite Wood Decking blog for an in-depth analysis.

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You may have heard the phrase “there is no planet B”. Research shows that on average 15.3 billion trees are chopped down every year. If you start to ask yourself how you can help with the environmental impact of deforestation – we have two words for you: composite decks.
The majority of composite decks are made from recycled or scrap materials while still providing the look and feel of real wood. The recycled materials include reclaimed industrial wood scraps and recycled plastic from common items such as shopping bags and newspaper sleeves.



Composite decking can be crafted in a wide assortment of colors and finishes. In addition, you’ll have a wide variety of composite accessories to select from, including but not limited to railings, stairs, and gates.
With different tones and shades of colors, it may be overwhelming to pick the correct color. At Ace of Decks we will be able to design your dream deck and show you actual images of what it could potentially look like!

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No splinters


If you’re like us and have young children and pets in the house, you know how much their safety matters. With composite decking you can rest assured that they’ll be able to confidently walk across barefoot without worrying about any splinters!

TimberTech Capped Composite Decking


Core is made of a mix of recycled wood fibers and synthetic deck material like post-consumer polymers. The cap is made up of 100% polymers.

Composite Deck Board Core

  • Sustainable: 100% of the plastic and wood used in the cores of TimberTech PRO and EDGE boards is recycled.
  • Innovative: We take plastics that would otherwise be thrown away – think scrap material and post-consumer products like shampoo bottles and plastic wrap – and transform them into high-performance composite deck boards.


Composite Deck Board Cap

  • No same mold, same mold: TimberTech capped composite boards resist mold and mildew growth by protecting against moisture.
  • Sustainable: Our composite deck boards overall (core plus cap) are made from up to 80% recycled material.
  • Forget about fading: Coextruded caps don’t involve a stain – the color is a part of the cap. That means your deck looks as great on day 1,000 as on day 1.

Composite-Decking-Material-TimberTech-Tigerwood-Legacy-Collection-PRO-Decking-Deck-Board-Swatch-Content A capped composite deck board features cascading color blending and a rustic hand-scraped finish for a reclaimed wood look. The board is Tigerwood from the TImberTech PRO Legacy Collection.


Composite-Decking-Material-TimberTech-Weathered-Teak-Vintage-Collection-AZEK-Decking-Deck-Board-Swatch-Content A decking swatch image of a standard-width decking board in Weathered Teak from the TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection. The warm tan board features a wire-brushed, low-gloss finish and cascading highlights and lowlights for a premium hardwood look.

TimberTech Capped Polymer Decking


Made of 100% synthetic deck material from core to cap, and absolutely no wood.
When you think of alternative decking, the first thought that comes to mind might be one of PVC deck boards – and it may not be the most savory image. After all, first-generation PVC decking quickly made waves due to peeling, staining, heat buildup and deterioration, among other issues. The good news? TimberTech capped polymer boards ditch the issues that plagued those older PVC deck boards, so you can enjoy nature-inspired, enduringly beautiful decking.
Thanks to innovative technology, TimberTech capped polymer boards deliver some serious advantages, including:

  • Superior performance
  • A real-wood look
  • Sustainability
  • Long-term cost savings

PVC Decking


Another common term you may hear within discussions of “composite decking” options is PVC decking.
Occasionally, a speaker or a third party will say “PVC decking” when referring to TimberTech capped polymer boards because both are fully synthetic deck material options that contain 0% organic material (that means no wood flakes for moisture to invade).

TimberTech Capped Polymer Decking

  • Captures the most realistic wood looks
  • Stays up to 30° F cooler in the sun*
  • Is made of approximately 50% recycled synthetic deck material

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