1. Sustainable Steel Production

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Unlike the coal-smeared smelting furnaces of yesteryear, today’s steel manufacturing employs over 90% recycled resources, has decreased greenhouse gas emissions by 36%, and raised water recycling to 95%. Steel has earned a position among materials recognized by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and the International Green Construction Code due to its contributions to a circular economy and developments in more ecologically friendly manufacture (IgCC). When homeowners select steel deck framing, they can be confident that the raw material was produced in a sustainable manner.

Steel’s environmental benefits extend beyond its original manufacture. Steel, in general, may reduce construction waste since its strength reduces the overall amount of materials required. Less trash on the job site equals less rubbish in the landfill. Steel deck framing uses fewer support posts, beams, and piers than wood deck structure. This can result in shorter build times and more durable decks.

2. Steel Framing Won’t Rot Like Wood

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Pressure-treated wood rot is typically caused by fungi. These fungus are extremely tiny creatures. They burrow into the wood and consume it during the life of the deck frame. This causes the wood to deteriorate and soften, resulting in rot. As a result, even if you use wood, the cut edges are not covered. This creates an ideal beginning point for the fungus. There will be no rot or deterioration with steel framed decks.

3. Compatible With All Types of Decking

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Metal deck framing aren’t only for decks. Giving you more freedom in your design choices. Whatever aesthetic you like (wood, composite, PVC, or even concrete), it will be reflected in your frame. Have you considered porcelain pavers? We can make it happen. You choose the top material, and we may utilize it on top of a steel frame structure.

4. Low-Maintenance

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We’ve already discussed how low-maintenance composite deck planks are. Combine that deck frame with the durable framework. You will have a deck that will outlast both you and your home. But it’s not only the framing that’s long-lasting. It requires very little upkeep or maintenance. Install it and then ignore it. Sealing, staining, or even extensive cleaning are not required. Keep the leaves and dust to a minimum. Those are for show, not function. Check out our steel decks residential page for a more in-depth explanation.

5. Steel is Safer than Wood

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Wood deteriorates. You are free to perform as much maintenance and upkeep as you like. You will eventually have to deal with decaying wood in your deck’s structure and posts. This is potentially hazardous! For a domestic project, but frightening for a commercial project. Increased weight and traffic movement create wear and tear to the image. You no longer have to rely on wood for your protection. Steel frame construction can keep you safe. From the bad aspects of the wood deck. Steel will strengthen and protect your commercial deck installation. Check out our framing steel deck page for more information.

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