Do you enjoy entertaining friends and family but don’t have enough hosting space?

Or do you enjoy spending time outside but lack a beautiful or usable location to do so?
We get it! You want a lovely outdoor place in which to entertain, relax, and spend time with family. Perhaps you have a vision for an outside place on your property but don’t know where to begin.

Fortunately, Ace of Decks is here to assist!

We have years of custom deck construction experience, and you can begin making your outdoor dreams a reality as soon as you start your new project.

Stuck for ideas? No problem. We’ve created a list of the top 7 deck trends for 2023.

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Why Should You Build A New Deck?


Before we go into the top seven deck trends, remember:

What are the benefits of having a deck or patio?

This is why:

  1. It’s the ideal hosting space – When was the last time you opted not to entertain guests because you were embarrassed by your available space or simply didn’t have enough? You may proudly invite guests into an area you know they will like if you have a beautiful deck! Plus, having a lovely outdoor location offers you a reason to host.
  2. It promotes family togetherness – For decades, families have made memories on the back deck! Campfires, storytime, and movie evenings on the back deck promote fun and bring your family together.
  3. It’s ideal for relaxing – Whether you want alone time or one-on-one time with your significant other, the deck is the ideal spot to simply rest and enjoy the outdoors in style. What could be better than getting home from a hard day and relaxing on the deck?
  4. It increases the value of your property – Adding a deck or patio to your home is a practical investment that typically pays off.

And these are just a few of the benefits of having a deck! There is also increased curb appeal and the ability of a deck to highlight a beautiful vista.

Now, let’s look at some of the deck trends that homeowners are looking for in 2023.

Personalized Spaces

three season sunroom

When you spend a lot of time at home, your living area becomes increasingly significant. (Thanks to Covid-19, we all know what it is!)

With Covid-19 and the desire to remain at home, we’ve observed a trend with outdoor spaces in the last two years: people want their existing “unique outdoor spaces” to be customized even more particularly to what they enjoy and how they want to use them.

We enjoy this trend since it creates several distinct and creative settings that stand out from the crowd. It’s amazing to see all of the ingenuity!

Luxury Patios

best luxury patio

Decks and patios vary in that decks are elevated, whereas patios rest flat on the ground. Decks are also constructed of wood or composite materials, whereas patios are constructed of stone, concrete, or other hardscape elements.

People are more prepared to pay a premium for a distinctive and beautiful area on the ground floor.

We can see why! Beautiful patios are an excellent addition to any property.

Patios offer:

  • The ideal outdoor entertaining spot, especially because you don’t have to enter the home to get to them. Guests may arrive, celebrate, and go without ever setting foot inside, making quarantine parties ideal!
  • A fun and useful way to go from your deck or back door to your yard.
  • Your home’s visual appeal has improved. Patios may be the finishing touch that complements your home while also adding interest to your landscaping.

Need some help planning your new patio? Check out our louvered roof systems and retractable wind screens page for even more inspiration!

All-Seasonal Spaces

retractable privacy screens

Who wants to give up their patio or deck because winter has arrived?

Nobody does, of course! However, because their outside area is not protected from the severe winter elements, most residents must retreat within during the winter.

However, many are beginning to reconsider!

People are increasingly choosing for all-seasonal spaces that may be used all year.

An all-seasonal area is one of the most useful additions you can make to your house. It often comprises of a porch or deck-like space with detachable or retractable outdoor privacy screens, such as accordion doors, glass garage doors, retractable vinyl walls, or another style of enclosure. This allows you to enjoy the air when it’s warm while still using your space when it’s cold.

Heaters may be added to the space to make it more pleasant and useable. Then you’ll be able to enjoy your place all winter long! Another alternative is to install a hot tub on your deck, where you can rest in the warmth even in the dead of winter. If you want to learn more about hot tubs, visit the backyard deck ideas page.

If you want to enjoy some sunshine and nature throughout the winter, a sunroom is another fantastic alternative. Our top 10 reasons to design a deck in winter may also aid in your search.

Contemporary Deck Skirting

best deck skirting

Deck skirting is the section of the deck that extends from the deck platform to the ground. Skirting serves numerous purposes:

  • It conceals the unattractive gap beneath your deck, improving its overall attractiveness.
  • It enables you to hide items beneath your deck.
  • It keeps pests out from beneath your deck.

That wood lattice you’ve undoubtedly seen before is one of the most frequent skirting materials. (Perhaps on your grandparents’ front porch.) Another common solution is to simply add extra decking material in vertical stripes along the deck’s bottom.

However, there has been a shift away from both of these strategies. Instead, two distinct themes have emerged:

  • Horizontal skirting – Many individuals prefer horizontal skirting to vertical skirting made of decking materials. The horizontal lines contribute to a streamlined, contemporary, clean-line appearance.
  • Stone – When opposed to delicate-looking lattice, it produces a great, robust impression and gives a contemporary atmosphere.


under deck ceiling system

The stone trend extends beyond deck skirting!

People are increasingly learning to appreciate masonry construction for other deck features. People are in love with stone, whether it’s pillars, a flagstone floor, or a fireplace!

Here are some options for incorporating stonework into your new deck or patio:

  • A fireplace or fire pit made of stone
  • Supporting stone pillars for your deck or the ceiling over your covered deck
  • A stone bench seat
  • A stone wall
  • Plants growing on stone pillars
  • Water characteristics
  • An entrance made of stone or brick
  • A one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen or bar area

Whatever masonry element you pick, a little stone or brick will add some flair to your deck or patio while also giving it a rustic feel.


outdoor kitchen ideas

It’s usually useful to have some counter space on your deck. That way, you won’t be occupied in the kitchen making meals instead of mingling with your visitors.

This and the masonry trend go hand in hand – you can be creative and match new, modern masonry concepts with tried-and-true countertop materials like granite!

BONUS – Do you want to build a kitchen on your deck but don’t know where to begin? Check out our blog called “Avoid buyers remorse, start with a consultation!

Curved Decks

best curved decks

Modern people like one-of-a-kind and distinctive designs, and we’ve seen this trend in patios and decks. Once again, the inventiveness is awe-inspiring!

With a free-form patio or deck, you may build whatever shape you desire, and we’ve seen that consumers prefer the curving aesthetic.

We love this style because it’s exciting to explore what’s possible with all the curved lines! We get a lot of remarks and praises at Ace of Decks about our experience and ability to construct curved elements. We discover that many clients choose us on that basis.

We’re still pushing the envelope in this area!

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