The herringbone deck pattern is a complex, enjoyable design that adds a dynamic appeal to your deck surface. A herringbone arrangement may be made using varied deck board widths or colors to produce an interesting deck pattern by continually placing two deck boards at a 45-degree angle. Herringbone works better with larger decks that have enough area for the pattern to repeat due to its complexity. Check out our herringbone deck framing page for even more information.

How a Herringbone Deck Upgrades Your Outdoor Space

A herringbone deck has a tight, tactile pattern that conveys elegance. This one-of-a-kind design may transform your deck arrangement in a variety of ways, creating an outdoor retreat ideal for quiet days with friends and family.


Makes A Small Space Seem Bigger

The herringbone pattern creates a lot of visual movement and may make tiny areas appear larger.

herringbone deck design

Keeps Your Space Design-Forward

A herringbone deck’s tight, woven pattern adds dimension and a designer deck flooring style to your outdoor space.

deck pattern herringbone

Helps Designate Deck Space

A herringbone pattern grabs the eye and delineates difference, allowing you to designate area for cooking, rest, or play.

Herringbone vs Chevron Deck Patterns

While the herringbone and chevron deck patterns appear similar, they will have differing implications on the overall appearance of your deck. Choosing the proper pattern for your outdoor area will be determined by the type of visual movement you desire for your deck as well as the style you want.

Herringbone Deck Designs

Herringbone Deck Design

Herringbone is a broken zigzag pattern with each plank set out at a 45-degree angle.

Chevron Deck Design

Chevron Deck Design

When boards come together at a location to form an inverted “V,” or when the implied lines of the boards form an inverted “V” around a central deck board set along the seam where the “V” boards converge, a chevron pattern is formed.

Herringbone Deck Ideas

A variety of herringbone deck ideas allow this aesthetically appealing pattern to be further modified with varied deck board widths, colors, or extra in-laid patterns.

top herringbone deck pattern

Use Multi-Width Decking

A herringbone deck design is typically built using narrow-width (3.5″) boards to emphasize the pattern’s complexity. If you like a bigger design, you can use standard-width or even wide-width boards.

patterned inlay design

Go With A Patterned Inlay

An inlay is a section of a deck surface that differs from the rest of the surface in color and/or design. A patterned inlay features a pattern, such as a herringbone motif.

herringbone patterns and colors

Choose Different Colors For Your Pattern

For a small textural change, use the same color boards for your herringbone design as the rest of your deck surface. You can even make the design stand out by choosing various deck colors for the inlay.

A herringbone deck may require additional substructure support with adequate joist spacing and blocking during construction due to the intricacy of its design. This keeps the deck planks in the herringbone design from feeling spongy or weak underfoot.

The Importance of Joists

A herringbone deck pattern will require a combination of single and double joists (two joists set side by side) to give support where the ends of the boards meet due to the angle of the deck planks. The particular substructure construction, in terms of joist spacing and blocking, will be determined by:

  • Whether you use narrow- (3.5”), standard- (5.5”), or wide- (7.25″) width boards for the pattern.
  • The pattern’s size, whether it’s a smaller inlay, or spans the entire deck.

It is critical to ensure that all deck board ends are connected to a joist during substructure construction for adequate support. However, for any deck board running diagonally, we recommend spacing the joists at 12 inches or less on center to ensure the ends of the boards are securely supported after installation.

Bring a Herringbone Pattern to Your Yard

Now that you’re more familiar with herringbone deck ideas, you’re ready to create an outside environment that is both elegant and functional for your family. Work with one of our authorized contractors to design a deck that will convert your backyard into a sanctuary.

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