Finally, you’ve had enough of your old deck and decided to start that backyard deck and outdoor living project! In the big picture you’re probably super excited because you can’t wait to have a new space to hangout and enjoy with friends and family, but on the flip side you realize there is so much information out there and don’t know where to begin.

Unfortunately buying a backyard is not something you can try and return if you don’t like it like most things we buy nowadays. You only get one shot, and though you see so many pictures online that you love, you don’t know where to begin. I want you to know that I understand you and I am writing this for you, the outdoor living shopper.

5 Things Every Deck and Outdoor Living Shopper Should Know BEFORE They Receive an Estimate

  1. Make sure that everyone involved wants a new deck
  2. Be aware of the deck / outdoor living features that are MOST essential to you.
  3. Know the aspects of the deck installation that are most essential to you.
  4. Understand your actual spending power and limits.
  5. Understand the main distinctions between Wood (variety of wood options), Composite, and PVC decking
brown composite deck
a deck with lights

1. Make Sure Everyone Involved Wants a New Deck or Outdoor Living Space

I realize that you probably think this is absurd, but I assure you that it is not. In reality, the key to your ability to make wise and rash judgments on what will be a rather expensive project is your capacity to determine if you want a new deck or outdoor living space in your backyard or not.

We have had clients reach out to us expressing their desire for this new space and after discussing their ideas we come to realize that there is just one problem. We just need to convince the significant other. Although we would love to transform their space, this is simply not what we do.

At Ace of Decks we assist customers who are certain they want a deck in selecting the best deck and outdoor living alternatives to suit their requirements both now and in the future. In this situation, we point clients to a number of educational articles on our website, but as far as the “convincing,” that would depend on your significant others’ inherent attempts to find the proper solutions.

2. Be Aware of The Deck/ Outdoor Living Features That are MOST Essential to You

Easy to maintain? Aesthetics? Customization? Warranty? Designability? a louvered roof, retractable screens, Is there an outdoor kitchen, etc.?

Just a handful of the typical objectives deck and outdoor living buyers typically have when deciding how they want their space to be. For this reason, before meeting with the outdoor living specialist, every deck buyer should think about what’s vital to them about their backyard and rank things in order.

Believe me when I say that by doing this, your ability to concentrate on the appropriate space with the appropriate possibilities will be significantly improved.

For more information on all the amenities available for your new space check out our Deck amenities to explore your options!

3. Know the Aspects of The Deck Installation That are Most Essential to You

Do you prefer turn-key (One company manages everything from start to finish)? Do you solely consider the lowest price? How much do craftsmanship and quality factor into your choice? Before meeting with a Deck and outdoor living salesman, shoppers should respond to these highly crucial questions. In fact, I think the topic of pricing is maybe the most significant one that consumers will ever ask.

This is due to the fact that a customer who is only driven by pricing is unlikely to need to invite several contractors to their house for quotes. And to be quite honest, when buyers told me that their top priority was finding the best deal, I told them that we definitely weren’t the right firm for them. I say this because it is not feasible to offer the highest workmanship and quality while also being the lowest priced vendor. The entire concept is incoherent and just impractical for running a business.

I’ve provided hundreds if not thousands of estimates over the years, and on the majority of them, our firm was the middle or top man in terms of price. Despite this, I’ve also seen around 60% of the companies I’ve competed with close their doors throughout this period.

The truth is that businesses need to turn a profit if they want to survive and continue to provide top-notch service. So please think about these inquiries when you look for a new deck or outdoor living space. As you search for the finest Deck installer for you and your family, write down your priorities and use them as a compass.

4. Understand Your Actual Spending Power and Limits

The world has changed significantly since a few years ago. Ease of financing for these kinds of projects can fluctuate depending on the housing market and the ability to get loans. I

The key is that you, the homeowner, take the time to get your financing in place before you actually start collecting project estimates. Although many people would perceive this as placing the horse before the cart, the exact reverse is really true. For instance, over 20 clients paid deposits last year and were scheduled for installations before I informed them that the financing wasn’t going to be accessible to them.

This is why I urge homeowners to look into their financing options before meeting with an outdoor living specialist. If you do this, neither your time nor their time will be wasted, I can assure you.

5. Know the General Difference Between a Traditional Wood Deck, a Composite/ PVC Deck, and A Outdoor Living Space

When describing the benefits and drawbacks of various types of decking or outdoor living products, I often find that the internet is considerably less prejudiced than deck people. I myself strive not to be “that man,” and everyone who has interacted with me will vouch for this. My firm solely sells and builds composite decks or full outdoor living spaces, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t previously informed customers that we lacked a solution for their problem. Our composites and PVC decking isn’t suitable for everyone, but it does meet the demands of the majority of consumers.

A homeowner will be better able to make reasonable selections on the sort of outdoor living space that will meet their family’s needs for years to come if they have a clear understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of each type of option before they receive an estimate. Do your homework on the various kinds of decks and outdoor living spaces available, and I promise it will be very helpful to you as you go about your shopping adventure.

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