The purpose of creating a deck is to expand your home’s living area into the outdoors. However, the growth of elevated and second-story decks does not have to stop there. You may transform the region beneath your deck into practically whatever you choose!

By waterproofing the ceiling above, you may add functionality to this under-deck room by making it useable during bad weather. So you now have two locations to enjoy at any time: the deck when it’s sunny and the patio when it’s raining!

This project may be taken in a variety of challenging directions. Fortunately, using the deck ideas we’ve listed below is a great way to get started on your next DIY project! Be sure to check out our under deck drainage systems page for even more information.

1. Under-Deck Space W/ An Outdoor Kitchen

top outdoor kitchens

Using bigger decks might make it difficult to utilize every available area in your design. If you struggle to make your area seem complete, building an outdoor kitchen beneath your deck is the perfect answer. The one seen below is ideal, with a small eating space and a countertop that serves as a backyard bar. It is finished with a massive stone fireplace in the middle, as well as some outside lights set in the ceiling, creating a relaxing spot to enjoy a bottle of wine.

2. Outdoor Entertainment Area

Patio With Kitchen And Dining Area

Convert this outside space into a living room. Under-deck spaces are ideal for getting some fresh air while watching a game, a movie, or a TV show. Install some speakers to improve your viewing experience. Place some comfy chairs around the room, along with a few throw cushions and soft blankets, and this will undoubtedly become your favorite entertainment hideaway!

3. Under-Deck w/ Stately Columns

Under Deck With Stately Columns

One way to lift your home and make the space beneath feel larger is to use beautiful columns to support your deck. They are a subtle statement that adds a bit of elegance while also making the space feel larger, letting you to explore with the rest of your design. The design below seamlessly integrates them into their outdoor kitchen, resulting in an open-air space great for spending the day.

4. Concrete Under-Deck Patio w/ Hot Tub

Concrete Under Deck Patio With A Hot Tub

Installing a hot tub under your deck might be the ideal project if you enjoy spending time outside, especially in the cold. This design works great for tiny decks, as long as the area above the hot tub is larger than the hot tub! With the deck sheltering you from the elements, you can soak even in the rain or snow. This deck nails it by tucking the hot tub against the exterior wall for a pleasant refuge.

5. Under Deck Patio W/ Tongue And Groove Ceiling

Under Deck Patio With Tongue And Groove Ceiling

For its screened-in porch, this deck incorporates modern design elements such as a tongue and groove ceiling. As a consequence, it has an outside vibe while being shielded from the weather, optimizing the outdoor experience while also enjoying interior conveniences. On exceptionally hot days, the ceiling fans keep the room cool, and the windows go all the way around, providing a fantastic view of the backyard.

6. Cedar Ceiling Patio

Cedar Ceiling Patio

Putting greater emphasis on materials and the visual appeal of your place may also provide wonderful outcomes. A natural, grainy wood, for example, may be the simple highlight of your design. They’ve utilized a bright cedar for the ceiling here, which adds a new hue to the mix. While staying sophisticated, leaving the wood natural pays attention to the skill behind the design. This is a lovely area to unwind on a hot afternoon, complete with patio chairs. All it needs now is a fire pit!

7. Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor Living Room

If you want to increase your living area, consider adding a second living room. One of the biggest motivators to utilize your outside patio more is to replicate the comfort of your house on the outside. Of course, this works best in larger places, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create a nice spot beneath a smaller space. This deck transforms the wide-open alcove into an intimate sitting configuration that links directly to the home’s interior. It also features lovely columns that frame the area and make it feel even cozier. An outdoor rug, which may tie together a space like this, is not included in this design.

8. Raised Under-Deck Patio w/ Stairs

Raised Under Deck Patio With Front Stairs

Backyard landscaping can occasionally hamper design plans due to difficult terrain, uneven surfaces, or lack space. They compensated for the difference in surface between the patio and the backyard surface in this design by linking the two with steps. The homeowners now have a room that seamlessly connects from the wood deck above to the backyard below utilizing steps. It also fits the color of the house, and the deeper tones of both combine for a modern, coherent design.

9. Large Patio w/ Sitting & Dining Space

Large Patio With Sitting And Dining Space

If you have a particularly wide open area beneath your deck, you may use it for a variety of reasons. Dividing the patio into many zones might help you make the most of the overall space by handling smaller pieces one at a time. This patio includes several distinct aspects, such as a seating space, a dining table, and an outdoor kitchen. The design makes use of the space to create separation between each section, resulting in a place suitable for any outdoor event.

10. Under-Deck Cafe Area

Under Deck Cafe Area

Let’s assume you like the notion of having an outside eating area but don’t want to install an outdoor kitchen or dining area for various reasons. Instead, try building an outside cafe-style space as a scaled-down version. This design transforms stone into a countertop where you may enjoy your morning coffee, a cocktail, or even a meal! The deck shown is larger, but you can see that they already have a dining area off to the side and have used the covered space beneath the deck for a bar. It looks great with the laid stone floors and large arches that support the deck above.

11. Outdoor Bar Under-Deck Area

Outdoor Bar In Under Deck Area

Including items with numerous applications is a simple approach to build an effective design. It saves space while also adding usefulness, which is important when dealing with an outside setting. This design incorporates a countertop as a bar and storage room within the deck’s layout. A pool can be seen in the foreground, making it a useful transitional space from the house to the backyard. However, the designer neglected to consider the weather, and as you can see, the barstools are not protected by anything above, rendering them worthless when it rains.

12. Poolside Under-Deck Patio w/ Swing

Poolside Under Deck Patio With A Swing

If you’re tight on space underneath the deck but still want a design element with unique flair, installing a swing is a fun addition. A swing doesn’t take up a huge amount of space and is the perfect spot to enjoy a breezy afternoon. Everyone from children to grandparents can enjoy a mounted swing, and you’ll also have permanent seating. This medium-sized underdeck includes a swing and a common seating area, so guests have plenty of choices.

13. Patio w/ Under-Stair Storage

Patio With Under-Stair Storage

It’s virtually hard to utilise all of the space in your design with multiple elevated decks. There are certain places where you just cannot create a habitable space. However, this does not rule out alternative options. For example, the area beneath the steps leading to the rear deck may be used as excellent storage. It not only makes the room feel more utilized, but it also gives a perfect spot for storing pool supplies, backyard goods, and other items closer to where you need them! This idea does an amazing job of converting that space into storage while remaining visually appealing. The formerly open section is closed up, making the subterranean area feel cozier. The color scheme is likewise simple.

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