June 21, 2021

Should I Resurface or Rebuild My Deck?

One of the most common concerns that we receive from our clients is “should I resurface or rebuild my deck.” We know that inspecting your deck and determining whether it should be resurfaced or not can be stressful, but let’s walk through a couple key points that will help you determine the condition of your deck!

Age of Deck

The first thing to consider should be the age of the deck. A pressure treated deck structure has an average life span of 15-20 years.

This is important to consider because although a resurface would make the deck look good, the substructure will already be at its expected life span. There are exceptions to this, but it all comes down to how the structure was built and how well it has been maintained.

Life spans of decks have significantly increased thanks to the development of building codes and restrictions. In previous years, the methods of buildings were very forgiving, which caused structures to fail and deteriorate prematurely.


Maintenance History

If you have a wooden structure, maintenance is a crucial factor that will determine the lifespan of your deck. Staining and sealing your deck regularly helps prevent moisture penetration and premature rotting of your boards. How well the deck was maintained can be the difference between having to rebuild rather than just resurfacing.

What to look for while inspecting your deck

Surface Boards

The surface of your deck is the part that is most exposed to the elements.

The following elements can significantly take a toll on the surface of your deck:

  • Moisture
  • UV Light
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycles
The following should be be considered for a Resurfacing:

  • Decking Boards
  • Railings
  • Handrails

If these components feel strong, sturdy, and demonstrate no signs of rotting, a resurface could be a good method to extend your deck’s life. If your deck boards are warping, breaking loose of screws/nails or feel weak and wobbly, it is time to consider rebuilding your deck.

You Need To Rebuild!


You Need To Resurface!



Inspecting posts is a key factor to consider when determining if you can resurface your deck.

If your posts are set in the ground instead of sitting on a footing, you should consider rebuilding your deck. This is a practice that is no longer allowed and significantly compromises the durability of your deck. This is because the portion of your post that is in the ground is constantly exposed to moisture which will quickly weaken and rot your posts.





Beams & Joists


Last tips to consider

We know that determining the state of your deck might be difficult depending on the accessibility to the sub structure. We recommend getting an inspection done by a professional deck specialist near you to assure that you are not putting yourself or your family at risk of a structural failure.

After you have done a walk through, consider these questions to help you determine your next move

  • What will be my return on investment?
  • Will resurfacing provide me at least 10 years of longevity to my deck?
  • If I am resurfacing with a composite, does it make sense to put a warrantied product on my deck frame?
  • If I resurface will there be additional aspects of the deck that will need to be fixed or reinforced?

So Do YOU Need a Rebuild or Resurface?

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