The best parts about winter is cozying up to the fireplace and embracing the warmth that our homes bring us. Spring is out there in the distant future and brings about warmer weather and an ideal climate. This is the time that you should be enjoying your brand new deck right? You may be thinking that this is the best time to have a deck built, but the truth is that winter is also a great time to do so.

Below is a list of factors that go into building a deck in the winter

Why build in the winter?

If you didn’t know it already, building a deck takes time and planning. It’s not something that can be created out of thin air and then “voila”. Construction doesn’t even being without the help of a deck designer who will map out a plan. Winter is usually the slowest time for deck designers, so chances are you are going to catch them at a good time.

As the weather grows warmer towards the spring months, homeowners will want to enjoy their time outdoors instead of being cooped up inside. As spring comes, the demand for deck builders becomes intense as everyone wants a piece of the pie. On the bright though, most homeowners aren’t thinking about having a deck built during the winter months, which may be a win-win for you. Your project may end up being one of the only ones being taken care of during this time because of the lack of demand.

Other things to consider

You’ll certainly want to check out the host of amenities that a new deck can offer. A deck designer will make sure your deck gets an absolutely personalized look and then some.

Retractable Power Screens

These are unique vinyl mesh screens that can be opened and closed with a button. They are especially great for keeping in the heat and protecting you from weather elements. When the warmer weather begins to come in, open them up and enjoy the sun once more.

Watch them in action

Louvered Roofs

Ever heard of a deck cover that can open and close via the roof? Use louvered roofs create the ideal amount of sunshine and protect against the weather elements like rain and snow. It’s a wonderful way to cover your deck and simply enjoy your outdoor living space.

Watch them in action


One heck of an addition to a new deck, lighting can both accentuate and add value to your outdoor living space. Ace of Decks LLC offers In-lite lighting and specializes in stunning deck lighting. These lights are also controllable with an app and come in a plethora of variations.


Deck heaters aren’t such a bad idea, especially during the winter months. Enjoy a toasty and cozy deck that you can bask in during the winter.

Smart Technology

Finish your outdoor living space with built-in screens, sound systems, and smart technology that make your backyard space one of a kind! We encourage creativity and we want to equip your space with the latest technology.


Achieve the ultimate convenience in outdoor entertaining and dining. An outdoor kitchen brings indoor living to the outdoors. Our designs allow for multiple different types of kitchens—from grill stations to full kitchens with ample cooking spaces and storage.