Why wait ’till spring? Fall is the perfect time to build a deck.

There seems to be the notion that decks should only be built in the spring or summer when in reality, fall is the ideal time to have a deck built.

A lot of homeowners are mainly concerned about the effect the weather will have on a newly built deck and its materials. There’s no worry here because our materials are crafted to stand up against the harshest weather. They can withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures, moisture and humidity, and rainy/dry seasons.

Here’s why you should build a deck in the fall:

1) Retractable Power Screens

We know that the colder months are ahead and that it’s time to start buying warm sweaters and winter coats. Homeowners are also thinking of slowly wrapping up their outdoor living enjoyment to hibernate inside for the winter. After all, you can’t enjoy a deck during the fall/winter months, right? WRONG. This is where Retractable Power Screens come into play.

Retractable Power Screens are high-quality vinyl mesh screens that can be opened and closed with the touch of a button. They are especially useful in the fall/winter because they retain heat, block the wind, and keep those nasty bugs out. This means that you can thoroughly enjoy your deck during those cold months and go about your business as if it were spring or summer. This is a great reason to have your deck built in the fall.

Watch them in action

2) Louvered Roofs

One of the most common questions homeowners ask is how to properly cover their deck. The summer season is coming to a close and your deck simply needs to be protected from the elements. You may also have furniture like couches, a fireplace, a grill, entertainment systems, etc. All of these things are super valuable to you and we get that. There are of course many ways to cover a deck, but have you considered Louvered Roofs?

A Louvered Roof is a deck cover that can be opened and closed via rotating louver blades. Think of it like a pergola except that the roof can be opened and closed. In the event of bad weather like rain or snow, simply press a button on your remote to close the roof and protect your valuables. Don’t let the weather elements stop you from enjoying your deck in the fall/winter. This is just another reason to have your deck built in the fall.

Watch them in action

3) Good wait times

Most would agree that spring is the busiest season for deck construction. Homeowners are thrilled to end their indoor excursions and finally get outside again. Home comforts certainly aren’t a bad thing, but when the weather turns warmer, you simply can’t resist. “It’s time to get outdoors again!” By this time, you definitely want to have a deck to enjoy, which is why it’s important to build now. Lead time is only going to be much longer as schedules fill up quickly for deck builders.

We get it. The fall season is here and very soon it will be winter when it’s time to nestle indoors for a few months. One advantage to having a deck built in the fall is that it will most likely be completed sooner than it would be in the spring or summer. The reason being is that there is a shorter wait time for each project. Another advantage is that you can enjoy your deck throughout the fall and winter months with the addition of Louvered Roofs and Retractable Power Screens. Homeowners no longer have to wait till spring to enjoy the deck again. Host thanksgiving, open Christmas presents, or bring in the new year on your deck.

4) Ideal Ground Conditions

Another reason to have a deck built in the fall is that the ground conditions are a lot more favorable for backyards and landscaping. The elements are mostly always unpredictable when it comes to the construction process. In general, the fall weather is drier with grass and plants becoming resilient to disruption in the fall.

5) Fall weather

Fall weather is simply delightful! It’s the perfect time to just enjoy your deck with friends and family. The temperature is a lot more cool compared to those summer months, so you can comfortably be outside without sweating too much. Many of our customers enjoy this time of year to host barbecues and gatherings.

We can name dozens of reasons why building a deck in the fall is the best time. From the building process to weather conditions, to enjoying your deck throughout the fall/winter months, and so on. The possibilities and boundless.

6) Start planning

It’s a daunting decision we know, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. We emphasize the fall season because it will save you headaches and time down the road. Plan your deck colors and design. Choose from a wealth of amenities and customize your deck to the fullest. Once you’ve come to a comfortable conclusion, you can start the building process in the fall or simply wait till the spring. Either way, you will be prepared and ahead of most homeowners

Are you ready to build your dream deck this fall?

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