We know that figuring out a particular time to build a new deck takes quite the brain power. Timing certainly becomes a massive factor especially when it comes down to cost and the quality of your project. As a result, determining the ideal time of year to build a new deck is simply going to take a lot of thought and energy.

The number one question is what should you actually consider in order to make a coherent decision?

6 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Deck in Fall or Winter

Most homeowners believe that summer is the perfect time to build a deck, and we don’t blame them in thinking so. It’s the best time of year to be outdoors and to host gatherings and functions.
However you might think twice about building in the summer simply because everyone wants to do so. Why not push off that project until the fall or winter? Here are a few factors that will play into that:

1) Get ahead of the rush

Preparation is always key when it comes to building your ideal outdoor living space. You wouldn’t rush into a wedding or vacation trip to another country right? The best deck projects are planned and scheduled weeks and sometimes months ahead of time. There are several reasons for this, but a glaring one is that permits can take some time to acquire. During the so-called “off-season” is where delays become less frequent.

The demand for contractors is also high during the busy season, so it makes finding a qualified one just as hard. A perfect way to save some time for yourself is to become familiar with that kind of questions you should be asking a deck contractor.

2) Reduce Impact on Landscaping

Spring is generally the time to beautify your lawn, so doesn’t it makes sense to build a deck at the end of the season? All building projects come with their hazards and spills which cannot always be helped. Try handling one project at a time, leaving the lawn decorating for the spring and deck building for the fall.

Get smart with it and accentuate your deck with a great landscape decoration to make it pop. Flower pots, planting beds, and sowing seeds are of course going to enhance the look and feel of your backyard. This is why starting your project in the fall/winter is a good idea because you’ll then be ready to tackle your yard in the spring with an already built deck.

3) Good Conditions Won’t Wait Around

It may seem contradictory, but the colder months actually produce the most ideal conditions for building a deck. The U.S. experiences a lot more rainfall in the spring causing the topsoil layer to become more saturated. What ends up happening is the clay subsoils become easier to dig as the water softens up the clay.

It’s a fact that the U.S. actually has relatively mild weather in the winter months. But for the midwest, we all know that the winter months come with unrelenting cold weather for many months. The best way to tackle this is by getting the foundational elements of the deck into the soil before the ground freezes and the snow gathers.

As well as all of those perks above, you can take advantage of building in the fall with a composite deck. Here are the benefits of building a composite deck:

  • Superior Durability
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • More Color Choices
  • No Splinters
  • Don’t Need To Be Painted Or Stained

A composite deck will power through all seasons due to its superior building material. It’s just another reason to build during the fall.

4) Don’t Wait To Enjoy Your Deck

Custom decks usually have their own level of complexity and finish time. You must keep in mind that decks aren’t like building a game of Jenga. The more prepared you are, the smoother the building process can be because the fact of the matter is that there are factors that cannot be controlled.

Waiting until the fall to build means that your deck can be utilized for the upcoming spring and summer months. That means no waiting times and as soon as there is a glimpse of spring air, you can rush outside and enjoy your deck.

But we also have some stellar news for you. You can enjoy your deck during those winter months by adding amenities like lighting, seating, enclosures, and heating elements that will both extend and add value to your outdoor living space. It’s important to plan correctly for these kinds of projects, but know that it’s very possible to use your deck as if it were summer or spring during the winter.

5) Retractable Power Screens

Just as the summer months come, so must those winter days and they are not pleasant. Most homeowners go about wrapping up their outdoor living excursions for the winter and wait till spring comes around again. But what if we told you that you could enjoy your deck year round?

Retractable Power Screens do just that! They have ability to be opened and closed at the click of a button and incredibly keep in the heat for your deck. Think of it like a protective mesh netting except these retractable power screens will surround your entire deck and protect against the weather and bugs. They are made of the highest quality vinyl mesh and are made of extruded aluminum with a powder-coated finish. It’s quite ideal for those that have furniture and other amenities on the deck. Sip on a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate whilst you watch the snow fall in your yard. Just another reason to build a deck in the fall.

Watch them in action

6) Louvered Roofs

Homeowners generally want to know the best way to cover their decks and we completely understand why. Fall is here and winter is coming and you may have outdoor furniture and various amenities right out in the open. There are certainly many ways to cover the deck in the form of pergolas, gazebos, sunrooms, screen rooms, and pavilions. The most useful and versatile of them all are Louvered Roofs.

The best way to describe a louvered roof would be to envision a pergola, except with a louvered roof, the top can be opened and closed with a button/app. Equipped with an integrated gutter system to drain rainwater away, these roofs are ideal for providing shelter and protection from weather elements. Hosting a birthday party and it suddenly begins to rain? Simply click a button and the louvers in the roof will close, allowing you to continue on. They are also quite sturdy for those heavy snow loads that the midwest dishes out. These louvered roofs are considered “four-season” amenities because they allow you to fully enjoy your deck throughout the year no matter what.

Watch them in action

Are you ready to build your dream deck this fall?

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