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You’re probably thinking about adding a screened in deck to your outdoor living space. You’ve certainly come to the right place. The truth of the matter is that screened in decks have a lot going for them and hold quite a lot of value.

Here at Ace of Decks, not only do we love building outdoor living spaces, but we also have a passion for outdoor living education. When homeowners decide they want an deck, It can be overwhelming. Trust us when we say we’ve seen it before: the uncertainty, the questioning and even the doubt as homeowners decide what kind of deck is right for them. Seeing how difficult this decision can be first hand, we realized a long time ago that – while sure, we care about our decks – we really care about helping homeowners pick a deck that will let them spend time with the ones they care about. Check out our retractable outdoor privacy screens blog post!

You may be wondering:

  • Are screened in decks worth it?
  • What is a screened in deck?
  • How much value does a screened-in deck add?
  • Will a screened-in porch keep rain out?

Let’s get into it

Most home owners like the idea of a screened in deck to enjoy some kind of privacy and enclosure around their outdoor living space. Others just want protection from the weather elements with somewhere to relax and host functions.

There are indeed a host of choices when it comes to screening in your deck:

  • Retractable Screens
  • Sunrooms
  • Screen Rooms

What we will say is that Retractable Screens allow you to enjoy your deck ALL YEAR LONG and maximize your outdoor living space.

In this article, we’ll look at some top-notch options in each category of screened in decks, to help you best protect your deck year round and with as little maintenance as possible.

Let’s get started…

1. Best screened in deck (all seasons): Retractable Screens

Retractable Power Screens

Comfort at the tip of your fingers

Quick Details

  • Price: Starting at $3,350
  • Type: Retractable Power Screens (year round)
  • Abilities: Retractable screens, retains heat, protect against harsh weath
  • Material: Extruded aluminum with a powder coated finish

Let’s Answer the Question: What is are Retractable screens?

In simple terms

Retractable power screens have the ability to be opened and closed at the touch of a button. They are just like fixed screens except they are dynamic and have a wealth of benefits.

The Power

They come in the shape of actual screens or vinyl and can withstand wind up to 65 mph in closed position. The genius behind these screens are the Intelligent motors that detect wind and obstacle.


This is where homeowners have endless possibilties when it comes to Retractable Screens. Let us break it down this way:

Retractable screens in Winter

These screens seals in the warmth and creates a cozy environment for you outdoor living space. On your deck you could:

  • Enjoy Christmas and open presents on your deck
  • Bring in the new year and watch fireworks
  • Comfortably sip a cup of coffee and watch the snow fall

Retractable screens in Spring

It’s getting a little warmer outside, but it’s probably still chilly outside.

During this time of season on your deck, enjoy:

  • Bring out that telescope and stargaze
  • Have a movie night with the family
  • Work from home in the comforts of your deck

Retractable screens in Summer

It’s those killer summer months, so you deck should be the absolute highlight of your house.

During this time of season on your deck, enjoy:

  • Hosting family and friends
  • Barbequeing
  • Sip some wine in the cool of night

Retractable screens in Fall

The weather is cooling off now, but there’s still some time to enjoy the outside elements.

During this time of season on your deck, enjoy:

  • Carve out some pumpkins with family and friends
  • Watch a spookie movie on your deck
  • Change it up and have a thanksgiving meal

Watch a Retractable Screen in action

Let’s Answer the Question: Why Do You Need Retractable Screens?

In simple terms

Retractable screns will add massive value to your outdoor living space. As you’ve read above, these screens are incredbily versatile and allow you to maximize space as best as possible. Yes fixed screens are nice, but imagine being able to enjoy the weather with the screens partially or even fully open.

The Fun Shouldn’t Stop

You shouldn’t be restricted to the interior of your house just because it’s cold outside. Gone are the days where you have to stare out at your deck during bad weather and hope that it survives. Not only will your deck be fully protected, but you can actually do things on it. Host gatherings, eat a meal, or just relax after a long day.

Adding Value

Every homeowner wants to add value to their deck and we get that. We can confidently say that fixed screens DO in fact add tremendous value to a deck. Now we are talking about RETRACTABLE SCREENS here. They are dynamic, unique, and have far more uses than a fixed screen. It’s just a win-win situation here.

A deeper dive into Retractable Screens:

Let’s Answer the Question: What Do Retractable Screens Look Like?

screened in deck with chairs
screened in deck kitchen

screened in deck outdoors

screened in deck tables
screened in deck chairs tables
screened in deck outdoor grill
screened in deck dining table
screened in deck mesh
screened in deck backyard

The Verdict?

Screened in decks come in all shapes and sizes, but none are quite as unique as Retractable Screens .

Here’s a brief summary the power of Louvered Roofs:

  • Enjoy your outdoor living space year round
  • Add visual appeal
  • Open & close screens with a remote/app
  • Screens and vinyl withstand wind up to 65 mph in closed position
  • Keep area completely dry
  • Adds value to your home

We hope that we have educated you enough on Retractable Screens. They are dynamic screens that will take your outdoor space to the next level. Visit our contact us page and fill out a form. It’s the start of something truly spectacular!

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2. Sunrooms

While decks are a great entertainment space when the weather is nice, sunrooms can be enjoyed no matter the season. If your home is lacking the space for a Four Seasons Sunroom because an existing deck is occupying the perfect spot, there’s a simple solution you may not have thought of — turn your deck into a four-season sunroom. It is possible to build a sunroom on an existing deck, and it’s also often less expensive to do so! Ace of Decks will work with you to transform your deck into a fabulous new sunroom the whole family can enjoy.

Why Convert Your Deck Into a Sunroom?

Most homeowners convert their deck into a living space so that space can be enjoyed all year long. An outdoor deck can usually be enjoyed only when weather permits and otherwise sits unused. When you add a three-season or four-season sunroom to your home, this windowed space will allow you to enjoy the outdoors, even when it’s too hot, cold, rainy or buggy outside.

You’ll enjoy many additional advantages when you convert your deck into a sunroom, including:

  • Extra room: Unlike a deck, a sunroom is considered an extra room added onto your home. It expands the footprint of your house without you losing yard space.
  • Added value: Converting a deck into a sunroom increases your home’s value, as the extra square footage to the property adds an additional living space.
  • Protection from the elements, insects, and pollen: Many sunrooms have screens and lots of windows, so you can enjoy the outdoors without being at the mercy of the wind, rain or sun.
  • Expansion of your entertainment space: Whether it’s a summer barbecue or a holiday party, sunrooms make the perfect entertainment space in the heat of summer and the chill of winter.

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Planning Your Sunroom

During the planning phase, you’ll need to determine what it will take to convert your deck into a sunroom. Start this conversion process by determining whether modifying or completely replacing your existing deck is the better choice. Developing your deck conversion plan with a contractor can help.

1. Evaluate the Foundation

The foundation is the first thing that needs to be checked. If your deck does not have a foundation, it will most likely need one to support a sunroom addition. Because the sunroom will add extra weight to your deck’s foundation and support structures, the foundation will need to be solid without any deteriorating pieces.

If the deck is newer or has a good foundation, you can just build on it. However, if your deck is old, it may be time for an upgrade anyway. Determine whether your deck’s foundation could use an update by checking for whether it needs additional structures like joists, carrier beams, piers or footers.

Besides making sure the deck’s structure is sturdy, you must ensure the foundation is level. Leveling and sanding your deck’s foundation is an important step for starting your sunroom on an even surface. Starting your sunroom project with a sound foundation will help the rest of the construction process go smoothly.

2. Analyze the Attachment Style

Take a look at how the deck is attached to your house, if at all. Make sure any fasteners are securely in place to ensure the sunroom is properly supported. You may want to strengthen any existing fasteners as an extra safety measure.

Assessing the attachment style of your deck also helps you decide how to add your sunroom. Here are the most common deck attachment styles and how they could accommodate a sunroom:

  • Attached: Attached decks are excellent candidates for sunroom conversion because they are already raised and attached to the side or back of the house, allowing for easy access. Building a sunroom on a raised deck is fairly straightforward and typically only involves adding a roof and sides to form an enclosed structure around the space.
  • Wraparound: Most wraparound decks are built at the same height as the main entrance to the house, making it easy to turn one into a sunroom. Although many wraparound decks circle the entire first level of a home, you can convert only a portion of your wraparound deck into a sunroom and leave the rest of the deck uncovered. This option allows you to enjoy both a sunroom and open-air section of your wraparound deck.
  • Elevated: If you have an elevated deck that attaches to the second level of your home, your best option might be to add a sunroom underneath your deck. By putting in some patio flooring and adding some glass or screen panels, you can transform the space under your elevated deck into a comfortable sunroom. Along with providing you with additional outdoor living space, this option is an affordable alternative to adding a completely new room to your house.
  • Covered: A covered deck might be the easier type of deck attachment to turn into a sunroom. Because the deck already has a roof, all you need to do is add insulated glass sides to make it an all-weather living area.

3. Inspect the Materials

Once you’ve considered your deck’s foundation and attachment style, take a closer look at the materials the deck is made out of. From a structural standpoint, you’ll want to evaluate the materials’ condition and if anything needs to be replaced. From a design standpoint, you’ll want to consider whether the sunroom’s layout could incorporate any of the materials.

If you’re uncertain about how to properly assess your deck, let Ace of Decks help. We’re a full-service remodeler with the experience to check your footings and structures to determine whether we need to modify or completely replace your existing deck as the foundation for your new sunroom. We’ll also get all the proper permits for the construction process to ensure the job gets done correctly.

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How to Choose the Right Type of Sunroom for Your Deck

Now that you know the structural basics of building a sunroom on a deck, it’s time to talk about style. Choosing the best sunroom style for your deck includes considering how often you want to use the room and which style best fits your home’s current structure. Try to pick a sunroom style that will align with your home’s roofline and meet your expectations for seasonal use.

If you’re ready to start designing your outdoor living space, consider these deck sunroom ideas:

  • Three-season room: As one of the most common types of sunrooms, a three-season room is a great choice for creating a room you can use for most of the year except for the coldest months. While a three-season room has the siding and ceiling to keep you cool during the summer, it does not have the insulation to keep you cozy in the winter. However, the connecting entryway to the home has more insulation to keep the cold from getting indoors during the winter.
  • Four-season room: A four-season room is suitable for year-round use, even during the harshest of winters. A four-season room often includes energy-efficient glass, extra insulation, and an HVAC system to provide heating and cooling. Thanks to these weather-resistant qualities, you can always be comfortable in a four-season room regardless of the elements.
  • Glass: This type of sunroom involves covering the whole structure in glass paneling and roofing. Accomplishing this look requires using either segmented glass or polycarbonate. Because a sunroom made entirely of glass is essentially a mini greenhouse, this style is particularly popular among those who enjoy growing plants indoors.
  • Gable aka Conservatory style: The defining feature of a gable sunroom is the structure of its roof. A gable sunroom has two roof panels, one support beam, and walls made from glass or screen paneling. This design creates a beautiful rustic, cottage-like look.
  • Studio: Also known as a shed, a studio sunroom can be constructed with screen or glass walls. A studio sunroom features a single-pitch roof that slopes away from the house, helping the space to feel even more private and secluded.

Design and Installation

Converting your deck into a sunroom involves framing in the deck area with walls that can support large windows and a roof, creating an additional room in your home. However, this extra space gives you the opportunity to bring the outdoors in and add a stylish addition to your house.

While it should be consistent with your home’s current style, many details will require your careful thought and attention, such as choosing:

  • Roof
  • Color
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Other architectural and design elements

At Ace of Decks, we’re dedicated to customizing your design to perfection. Whether you want to maintain some of the outside deck area or cover it entirely with a larger sunroom, we’ll ensure your vision is carried out. We can even mask visible pilings with elegant masonry or columns to ensure your sunroom is free of the old deck look.

Before beginning the installation process, you’ll receive a digital rendering of what your new living space will look like imposed on your home, plus all its inside and outside features. If there’s anything you’d like to change, we’ll work with you until your sunroom’s design is exactly what you want.

During the installation process, we’ll take care of permits and scheduling inspections. All the blueprints for your converted sunroom will be confirmed and stamped as guaranteed to be structurally sound.

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Furnishing Your Sunroom

Then comes the fun part. The final phase of converting your deck into a sunroom involves adding your own distinct style, including furnishings and accessories. There’s no wrong way to use your sunroom’s additional space. Whether you wish to make it an extra dining area or a comfortable sitting area, the choice is yours. Many homeowners add soft throw pillows, blankets and shades to ensure optimal comfort.

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3. Screen Rooms

Extend your entertainment and living area outdoors, with no threat of bothersome insects. Allow the breeze of the seasons in without compromising your comfort. Bring your whole family outdoors and relax in the shade. Most of all enjoy the scenery of your property in a whole new way.

The Benefits of a Screen Room Installation

If you are looking to increase the value of your home or simply add a nice, relaxing space for your family and friends to enjoy, a screened porch is an ideal solution. Screen rooms present fantastic benefits for any home. See below.

Protection from the elements

Screen rooms are a great way to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to some of the more dangerous and annoying parts of nature. While you are in your screen room, you are protected from the rain and wind, while also being protected from potential sunburns. Additionally, you are protected from bugs and other pests while you are enjoying the comfort of your screened porch.

Comfortable Environment

Screen rooms are often seen as nice additions to any home because they allow homeowners added spaces to relax. We can design your space into a relaxing, cozy environment where you can sit and read in silence, or to host get-togethers. Screen rooms are great additions to any property.

Great place to host parties

If you are planning on hosting a party, utilizing the space in your screen room is a great solution. If your outside party has to be moved because of weather, you can still enjoy the outdoors in your new protected environment. We know a screen room installation would be great for your property, and will please any guests you may have over.

Plethora of design options

The design options for screen rooms are virtually endless. No matter what decor you want to match or design style you prefer, you can essentially custom-create any style for your new space. We can offer you a wide range of colors and tones for both the interior and exterior of your screen room, as well as different textures for the outside materials. Our contractors are happy to help you design your room and its interior, or we can offer you the name of other interior designers for the interior portion of your screen room.

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Increased Privacy

Adding a screen room system to your living space can help increase privacy. If this is high on your priority list, there are many options to look at while designing your screen room. Particularly, when choosing the mesh material there are different tints to give you exactly what you need. Most retractable screens, for example, are designed so that you can see out, but others cannot see in.

Enery Savings

If you are adding an outdoor screen room to your home, odds are there are windows and doors that will back up to your new addition. Adding a screen room to an outdoor space can help shade your home from the sun. This in turn can help cool down your home, specifically, helping your HVAC run efficiently.

Increasing usable space

Do you have a deck or patio that you use less than you wish? If that answer is yes, it may be time to consider adding an outdoor screen room. As stated above, adding a screen room can help increase comfort of outdoor living. A room like this can also help increase your indoor AND outdoor usable space.

When considering a fixed screen room, think about including a retractable screen in the design for more flexibility. With customizable sizes, retractable screens can increase the flow of your outdoor screen room with a click of a button. This is perfect for hosting a barbecue, enjoying the backyard with your family, or anything you can imagine.

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Evaluating Your Options

When deciding on a screen room, remember that your room can have both fixed and retractable screens. At Ace of Decks, fixed screen room systems are built and installed on site. For the fixed screen mesh, Ace of Decks uses “pool and patio” screen mesh which is approximately 20% thicker and more durable than typical mesh. Give us a call to discover more about Screen Rooms.

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