Every year homeowners ask the question: can I install my deck in the fall? Our answer is absolutely and then some. There are always pros and cons when it comes to building a deck within any of the four seasons. But we are here to analyze why fall is an ideal time to build a deck. Here are some pros listed below:

Pros of Installing a Deck in the Fall:

  • A lot more work days are available because of the mild weather, along with less rain than in the spring and summer days.
  • Contractors usually have more time because they are coming out of the busy summer season and will give your new deck project some much-needed undivided attention.
  • Having a deck built during the fall gets you well ahead of the spring rush when homeowners race to have their dream deck built out.
  • Believe it or not, the cooler air gets rid of the contraction and expansion of wood that takes place when left to dry in the hot sun, giving you a higher quality product.
  • Low humidity makes it easier to manage pressure-treated wood.
  • Install retractable power screens that retain the heat of your deck and provide a comfortable sanctuary during cold months (can be opened and closed with a button).
  • Install a louvered roof, similar to a pergola, where the roof can be opened and closed and acts as a deck cover protecting your valuable furniture (a great way to enjoy your deck during fall/winter).
  • Building a deck at this time

Are you ready to build your dream deck this fall?

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