The midwest is known for its unrelenting cold weather which comes with a bout of snow, ice, and sleet. The last thing on your mind is probably to have a deck completed during this time and we don’t blame you. However, what if you were able to have your deck completed before all of the snow starts to come? Planning the building of your deck this way will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space come spring. It just means that you don’t have to wait in line when spring comes, and simply bask on your deck when the weather changes. This leads us to our next point:

Beat the spring rush

Building out your deck during the winter months means a shorter wait time with deck contractors. The busiest months of deck building are for sure during the spring and summer months when most are booked out. However, during the winter months, deck contractors have time on their hands due to a slowdown in work. So why not enjoy your deck before things get crazy in the spring? Winter construction may need to be done in stages, depending on inclement weather, but labor and materials should be in ready supply. With the right amount of planning and smarts, your deck could turn into something quite special.

Create time for yourself

The winter months are usually for the indoors as we all look to escape the snow and ice. You may even venture outside in the fluffy snow to bask in that winter wonderland. The fact of the matter is that there will be a lot less stress on your backyard if you handle the deck building during the winter. Once spring comes you’ll be able to enjoy your deck right away and focus on planting those flower beds and landscaping.

Retractable Power Screens

This is an alternative to common thinking, but we believe that it should be the norm! The winter months shouldn’t have to be restricted to the interior and you should be able to enjoy your deck year-round. Let us introduce to you retractable power screens. These are vinyl mesh screens that open and close at the click of a button. What does this mean? It means that you can use your deck during those winter months.

Retractable power screens smartly keep in the heat leaving you nice and toasty as you sip a cup of coffee on your deck. They are quite powerful and sturdy, protecting you from extreme weather elements as we know that the midwest has. It’s just a nice way to preserve and protect your outdoor furniture and even use it during those winter months. Once spring and summer come along, open up those screens and take in the warmer weather.

Watch them in action

Louvered Roofs

Those are a host of homeowners that ask the question: How can I cover my existing deck? The answer is Louvered Roofs. There are of course other ways to cover a deck in the form of pergolas, gazebos, sunrooms, and more. These are definitely all great choices, but none compare to louvered roofs.

Louvered Roofs are unique deck covers that have the ability to open and close with a button/app. The roof can be opened and closed to allow the perfect amount of sunshine and to shield from the weather elements such as rain. During the winter, you don’t have to worry about your deck being completely covered in snow. Be sure check out our louvered patio cover page for more insight!

Watch them in action