Thinking of waiting until spring to build your deck? Think again, because the benefits of having a deck built in the winter have a lot of benefits.

It may completely go against logic. We get that. The cold months are ahead of us, and snow/ice is going to be laid bare for everyone to see. Well, we’re here to tell you that there are several reasons why you should build a deck during winter, and how you can even enjoy your deck during the winter. This post is going to list a few reasons for you.

1) Don’t wait for your new deck

Having your deck built in winter means that you don’t have to wait for the spring months to come around. It should be all about family time and that certainly gets augmented with a beautifully laid deck.

Deck contractors are more likely going to be available during the winter months, giving you the pick of the bunch. You’re definitely going to have more access to more equipped companies in your area. Contractors also aren’t as busy during the winter which means your project will be completed faster.

2) Time to secure those permits

This is a crucially important step in the deck building process and it gets overlooked by a lot of homeowners. Securing the right permits can take a lot of time and that also depends on where you are located. The local government is your number one obstacle in this case.

Starting and planning as early as possible is your best chance at securing the appropriate permits. If there happens to be some kind of delay, then there is room for this to happen.

3) Not as much damage to your landscaping

It’s important to think about how your backyard will be affected when spring comes around. During the spring months, the ground has more moisture as a result of thawing. As the weather gets warmer, the ice will melt into the ground making it wet and soggy. When contractors walk on the ground, they leave marks on your lawn.

Deck contractors need to work with stable ground which means they can cause less damage to your home.

A deck is something that is going to be a part of your home for decades to come, so why not invest the necessary time it takes to plan everything out. Your outdoor living space deserves to be built out the right way. There are of course many factors that go into building a deck, but the most important one is planning. Building a deck in the winter makes the most sense because you can then enjoy your deck during the summer and spring seasons.

4) Retractable Power Screens

An even better reason to have your deck built in the winter is retractable power screens. With the ability to be opened and closed with a button, these vinyl mesh screens properly keep in the heat and keep your outdoor living space cozy and toasty. These screens are also able to withstand extreme weather elements like wind and snow. Gone are the days where you have to wait to enjoy your deck in the warmer seasons.

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5) Louvered Roofs

Louvered roofs also have the ability to be opened and close (via roof) and provide incredible shelter from the rain, sun, and snow. There are pergolas, gezbos, and sunrooms, but louvered roofs are a unique feature to add to your deck. Not only does the roof open and close, but you can enjoy all four season with this kind of roof. Protect your deck furniture and host functions with the addition of your new louvered roof.

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