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Enhance Your Backyard Steel Deck Framing

Experience the next level of strength, durability, and versatility with steel deck framing. Engineered to surpass traditional wood framing, steel deck framing offers a reliable and long-lasting solution for your outdoor living space. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your deck is built to withstand the elements, requires minimal maintenance, and provides superior safety for you and your loved ones.


Peace of Mind


Safety & Security

Design Freedom

The Possibilities Are


Entertain with Confidence

Host unforgettable gatherings on your steel-framed deck, knowing that it can effortlessly support the weight of furnituregrills, and a
lively crowd
, creating a spacious and secure environment for socializing and celebration.

Embrace Design Freedom

With the strength and versatility of steel framing, unleash your creativity and bring your dream deck to life. From multi-level structures to
curved designs
, steel framing enables architectural possibilities that elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Relax In Peace

Experience tranquility and serenity on your steel-framed deck, designed to be resistant to warping, twisting, and rotting. Enjoy a low-maintenance retreat where you can unwindbask in the sun, or read a book, without the worries of constant repairs or upkeep.

Extend Outdoor Living

Maximize the use of your outdoor space with a steel-framed deck that can withstand various weather conditions. Whether it’s a peaceful
morning coffee
or a
cozy evening gathering
, savor every moment as you embrace the beauty of nature and create lasting memories on your durable and reliable steel deck.

Key Features

EASY TO INSTALL | If you know how to frame with wood, you can frame with Evolution.

STRAIGHT, UNIFORM PIECES | Builds flat, stays flat!

GREATER SPANS | Fewer posts for less obstructed views.

COMPATIBILITY | Works with any type or brand of decking.

BEAUTIFUL | The premium Black Sand powder coat provides a pleasing look that virtually disappears.

CLASS-A FIRE RATING | A noncombustible material that’s resistant to fire and meets the requirements for use in all Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones.

PROTECTED | Invulnerable to rotting, warping, splitting and insect damage

Make the right choice with Steel Deck Framing

Discover the exceptional features of steel deck framing that set it apart from traditional options. From superior strength and durability to unmatched design versatility, steel framing offers a host of benefits for creating a stunning and long-lasting deck.

Exceptional Durability

Steel deck framing is exceptionally durable, providing a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution for your deck. It resists warping, splitting, rotting, and insect damage, ensuring a solid and worry-free outdoor space. With steel framing, you can enjoy a deck that withstands harsh weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your outdoor living area.

  • Resistant to Warping: Unlike wood, steel framing maintains its shape and stability over time, preventing any warping or twisting that can compromise the structural integrity of your deck.
  • No Splitting or Cracking: Steel framing is free from the common issues of splitting or cracking that often occur with wood, ensuring a smooth and solid surface for your deck.

  • Rot and Decay Resistance: Steel is impervious to rot, decay, and mold growth, eliminating the need for regular treatments and maintenance to protect your deck from moisture damage.

  • Insect Resistance: Steel is not susceptible to pest infestations, such as termites or carpenter ants, providing a worry-free solution for homeowners concerned about wood-boring insects.

  • Low Maintenance: With its durability and resistance to common issues, steel deck framing requires minimal maintenance compared to wood. You can spend more time enjoying your deck and less time on repairs and upkeep.

Design Versatility

Steel deck framing offers unmatched design versatility, allowing you to bring your dream outdoor living space to life. With the strength and structural integrity of steel, you have the freedom to create unique and custom deck layouts. Whether you envision a multi-level deck, a curved design, or a cantilevered structure, steel framing provides the flexibility to turn your ideas into reality. Explore the endless design possibilities and let your creativity soar with steel deck framing.

  • Create multi-level decks with ease
  • Achieve curved and unique deck shapes
  • Incorporate cantilevered structures for added style
  • Enjoy the freedom to design without limitations
  • Customizable to suit your specific vision
naturally resistant steel framing

Naturally Resistant

Naturally resistant, your steel decking won’t succumb to termites and if termites are using your framing to access your wooden floorboards, their trails are easy to spot and treat, with the steel easily wipeable and resistant to light domestic chemical exposure. Steel deck framing is fire resistant and non-combustible and can come with options to protect the deck from fire even further by adding fire-resistant and energy-efficient insulation to meet the standards of national Bushfire Attack Level regulations.


Cost Effective

Steel deck framing takes less maintenance and upkeep than wood decking. With no cost for pest control, plus the ability to span a longer distance than wood (meaning less product is needed), steel framed decks will save you money from installation through to the day to day use of your deck. With the option to fabricate the steel framed decks to suit your space, fewer support beams are needed, meaning you can avoid spending half of your decking budget on keeping the deck standing. Additionally, steel framed decks takes less time to install, meaning a shorter turn around time and less money spent on labour.


cost effective steel framed deck

Uniform and Precise

When it comes to steel framed decks, think of the decks of old, with uneven floorboards, quirky finishes, and imperfections. This is due to the nature of the wood – subject to warping, twisting, and shrinking, especially when delivered and installed while wet. The instability of wood during installation causes a lack of uniformity and precision in the final product and the absorption of moisture can mean the wood twists and goes further out of shape as the years go by. Steel framed decks are not subject to moisture, weather or even age, and you can rest assured that your deck will be cut and installed with sharp and even edges, without changing or altering in appearance over time.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does steel deck framing compare to wood in terms of durability and maintenance?

Steel deck framing surpasses wood in durability and requires minimal maintenance. Unlike wood, steel framing resists warping, splitting, rotting, and insect damage, providing a worry-free and long-lasting outdoor space. It maintains its shape and stability over time, eliminating common issues of splitting or cracking.

What design possibilities are available with steel deck framing?

Steel deck framing offers unmatched design versatility, allowing for unique and custom deck layouts. With the strength of steel, you can create multi-level decks, curved designs, and cantilevered structures, bringing your dream outdoor living space to life. The flexibility of steel framing allows you to design without limitations.

How does steel deck framing enhance the safety of the deck during extreme weather?

Steel deck framing enhances deck safety during extreme weather. Its superior strength enables it to effortlessly support the weight of furniture, grills, and crowds, creating a secure environment for socializing and gatherings. Steel framing is resistant to weather elements, ensuring a durable and reliable deck even in harsh conditions.


Can steel deck framing be customized for specific outdoor spaces?

Yes, steel deck framing can be fully customized for specific outdoor spaces. It can be fabricated to suit your unique needs, allowing for fewer support beams, enhancing the aesthetics of the deck, and maximizing the use of your outdoor area.


What are the cost-saving benefits of steel deck framing compared to wood?

Steel deck framing offers cost-saving benefits compared to wood. With minimal maintenance required and no need for pest control, it reduces ongoing expenses. Additionally, its ability to span longer distances means less material is needed, leading to savings in installation and construction costs.

How does the fire resistance of steel deck framing enhance safety?

Steel deck framing is naturally resistant to termites and rot, providing an extra layer of safety. It is fire-resistant and non-combustible, meeting the standards of national Bushfire Attack Level regulations. The option to add fire-resistant and energy-efficient insulation further protects the deck from fire hazards.

What advantages does steel deck framing have over wood?

One of the most obvious advantages to using steel over wood in residential construction is durability. While steel is much stronger than wood products, there are other durability advantages as well. Wood is susceptible to termites and other pests, while steel does not. Give us a call at: (630) 354-8887 to find out more about how metal deck framing can help accentuate your outdoor living space.

Is Steel Deck Framing stronger than wood?

As the technology evolves, metal framing has gotten stronger while also getting lighter in weight. Steel framing is not flammable, but wood framing is combustible. Insurance premiums may be lower for buildings with steel framing than for those with wood framing. Steel will not shrink, warp, split or mold. Visit our contact us page to find out even more!

Can you use metal studs for a deck?

If you have ever framed a wall with steel studs and track, you will feel right at home framing a steel deck. Simply put, it’s like framing a wall on the horizontal plane. The track used for the ledger and the rim is like the track that serves as plates in a steel-stud wall. Visit contact us today to find out more about metal deck framing.


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