How Much Do Motorozied Screens Cost?

Embarking on the journey to enhance your outdoor living space with motorized screens (also known as Retractable Power Screens) brings excitement and anticipation. Yet, understanding the nuanced factors that impact the cost is pivotal. In this concise guide, we’ll unravel the essential elements that contribute to the pricing of motorized screens, offering clarity for your investment decisions.

Factors That Influencing Price

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Size of Area and Coverage: The size of the space you’re looking to cover with motorized screens has a significant impact on the cost. Larger areas may require more screens, motor mechanisms, and installation time, resulting in a higher overall expense. It’s essential to accurately measure the area and consult with professionals to ensure you get an accurate estimate that fits your budget.

Screen Material and Customization: The choice of screen material directly affects the cost of your motorized screens. Premium materials might come with a higher initial price tag, but they often offer better durability, UV protection, and overall performance. Additionally, customization options like color and design can add to the cost, but they allow you to create screens that seamlessly blend with your outdoor aesthetics.

Additional Features and Technology: Incorporating advanced features like remote controls, sensors, and automation adds to the cost of motorized screens. However, these features provide unmatched convenience and functionality. Remote controls allow you to adjust the screens with ease, while sensors can automate screen movement based on weather conditions. Considering the benefits of these enhancements can help you make an informed decision about their value to your outdoor space.

Return on Investment

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Investing in motorized screens goes beyond the immediate cost, promising a substantial return in the long run. These innovative screens not only elevate your outdoor living space aesthetically but also deliver functional advantages. Shielding you from the capricious weather, they create an extended area for relaxation and entertainment throughout the year. Moreover, as potential homebuyers increasingly prioritize enhanced outdoor spaces, the inclusion of motorized screens can potentially raise the resale value of your property, making them a prudent investment choice.

Motorized screens redefine how you experience your outdoor haven. By seamlessly blending style and utility, they provide a versatile space for various activities, sheltered from the sun’s intensity or unexpected showers. The convenience of adjusting the screens at your fingertips ensures that your gatherings and solitary moments are uninterrupted by external factors. As the seasons shift, the screens continue to add value, offering a cozy retreat during colder months and an airy sanctuary during warmer days.

While the initial investment in motorized screens may appear substantial, it’s vital to recognize the comprehensive value they offer. Beyond the immediate benefits of comfort and aesthetics, these screens are an investment in lifestyle enhancement and property appreciation. The comfort of extended outdoor usability, coupled with the potential boost in your property’s value, contributes to a solid rationale for the cost. This value amplifies over time, making the decision to invest in motorized screens a wise and rewarding one.

Pricing For Motorized Screens

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These prices are based on a 10′ drop or less, mesh choice from 55% to 90% block, and standard colors, such as white, black, and brown. Custom colors and other customization options are available at an additional cost. A 5-year warranty on the motor and screen and a 10-year warranty on the remaining pieces and components are also included. Please note that these prices are subject to change due to material price changes, scope of work, and potential unforeseen material factors.

Final Thoughts

The investment in motorized screens transcends cost, offering a return that goes beyond financial. These screens create an enchanting blend of style and utility, elevating outdoor spaces into year-round havens. Beyond the immediate comforts, they hold the promise of augmented property value, making the decision to embrace these screens not just an investment in luxury, but in a lifestyle enriched with comfort, convenience, and enduring value.

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