how much do louvered pergolas cost in naperville

I. Introduction

Louvered pergolas are a popular addition to outdoor spaces in Naperville, Illinois. They provide shade, shelter, and a luxurious touch to any backyard or patio area.

If you’re considering adding a louvered pergola to your outdoor space, it’s important to understand the factors that can affect the cost. In this article, we’ll discuss the different factors that can impact the cost of a louvered pergola and give you an idea of what to expect when planning your project.

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II. Factors that Affect the Cost of Louvered Pergolas in Naperville

When it comes to louvered pergolas in Naperville, pricing is a key consideration for many homeowners. The cost of a custom louvered pergola can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the pergola, the materials used, and the level of customization desired.

The cost of a louvered pergola can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Size: Larger pergolas require more materials and labor, making them more expensive.
  • Materials: Premium materials like hardwood or weather-resistant metals can raise costs.
  • Features: Built-in lighting and sound systems can increase the price.
  • Installation: Experienced contractors may charge more for high-quality workmanship.

As the best pergola companies in Naperville, like Naperville Pergola Services, pricing for luxury louvered roofs starts at $130 per sq.ft. This price includes custom fabrication, hardware and motors, shipping, and installation. Additionally, each louvered pergola comes with a gutter system to ensure that your outdoor space stays dry during rain.

It’s important to note that the electrical setup for your louvered pergola is separate from the $130 per sq.ft pricing. However, experienced pergola contractors can work with you to ensure that your electrical setup meets your needs.

Investing in a custom louvered pergola from a reputable company like Naperville Pergola Services is a great way to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. With customizable features and expert installation, a louvered pergola is sure to add value to your home for years to come.

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III. Features/Materials that Affect Louvered Pergola Pricing in Naperville

features affecting louvered pergolas naperville

A louvered pergola is composed of several key components that work together to create a versatile outdoor structure. These components include:

  • Louver Blades: The adjustable louvers are the primary feature of a louvered pergola. They allow you to control the amount of sunlight and shade that enters your outdoor living space.
  • Structural Aluminum: The frame of the pergola is typically made from high-quality structural aluminum, which provides durability and strength. It can span up to 15′, 20′ or 25′ between posts, depending on the design.
  • Infratech Heater: Infrared heaters can be installed in the louvered pergola to provide warmth on chilly evenings. They are energy-efficient and emit heat without creating excessive glare or noise.
  • LED Lights: LED lights can be incorporated into the louvered pergola to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They can be dimmed or brightened to suit your preferences and add to the ambiance of your outdoor living space.
  • Wind Sensor: A wind sensor is an optional component that can be added to your louvered pergola. It automatically closes the louvers when it detects high winds, protecting your outdoor furniture and keeping you safe.
  • Rain Sensor: Similarly, a rain sensor can be added to the pergola to detect rain and close the louvers. This protects your outdoor furniture from water damage and ensures that you can enjoy your outdoor living space even during inclement weather.
  • Remote: Finally, the louvered pergola is controlled by a remote that allows you to adjust the position of the louvers, turn on the lights, and activate the heater. This makes it easy and convenient to use your pergola in any weather conditions.

To sum up, the pricing of a louvered pergola can be affected by several factors, including the features and materials included in its construction. The adjustable louvers, structural aluminum frame, infrared heaters, LED lights, wind and rain sensors, and remote control are all features that contribute to the overall cost of the pergola. However, these features also enhance the functionality and comfort of the pergola, making it a valuable addition to your outdoor living space.

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IV. Conclusion

To finish off, a louvered pergola is a popular and luxurious addition to any outdoor space in Naperville. When considering the cost of the best louvered pergola, factors such as size, materials, features, and installation should be taken into account. Reputable companies like Naperville Pergola Services offer luxury louvered roofs starting at $130 per sq.ft, including custom fabrication, hardware and motors, shipping, and installation. Louvered pergolas also come with a gutter system to keep your outdoor space dry during rain. Features like adjustable louvers, structural aluminum frames, infrared heaters, LED lights, wind and rain sensors, and remote controls contribute to the overall cost of the pergola but also enhance its functionality and comfort. Investing in a louvered pergola is a great way to add value and beauty to your outdoor space.

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