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Extend your entertainment and living area outdoors, with no threat of bothersome insects. Allow the breeze of the seasons in without compromising your comfort. Bring your whole family outdoors and relax in the shade. Most of all enjoy the scenery of your property in a whole new way.


The Benefits of a Screen Room Installation

If you are looking to increase the value of your home or simply add a nice, relaxing space for your family and friends to enjoy, a screened porch is an ideal solution. Screen rooms present fantastic benefits for any home. See below.


Protection from the elements

Screen rooms are a great way to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to some of the more dangerous and annoying parts of nature. While you are in your screen room, you are protected from the rain and wind, while also being protected from potential sunburns. Additionally, you are protected from bugs and other pests while you are enjoying the comfort of your screened porch.

Comfortable Environment

Screen rooms are often seen as nice additions to any home because they allow homeowners added spaces to relax. We can design your space into a relaxing, cozy environment where you can sit and read in silence, or to host get-togethers. Screen rooms are great additions to any property.


Great place to host parties

If you are planning on hosting a party, utilizing the space in your screen room is a great solution. If your outside party has to be moved because of weather, you can still enjoy the outdoors in your new protected environment. We know a screen room installation would be great for your property, and will please any guests you may have over.


Plethora of design options

The design options for screen rooms are virtually endless. No matter what decor you want to match or design style you prefer, you can essentially custom-create any style for your new space. We can offer you a wide range of colors and tones for both the interior and exterior of your screen room, as well as different textures for the outside materials. Our contractors are happy to help you design your room and its interior, or we can offer you the name of other interior designers for the interior portion of your screen room.

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Increased Privacy

Adding a screen room system to your living space can help increase privacy. If this is high on your priority list, there are many options to look at while designing your screen room. Particularly, when choosing the mesh material there are different tints to give you exactly what you need. Most retractable screens, for example, are designed so that you can see out, but others cannot see in.



Enery Savings

If you are adding an outdoor screen room to your home, odds are there are windows and doors that will back up to your new addition. Adding a screen room to an outdoor space can help shade your home from the sun. This in turn can help cool down your home, specifically, helping your HVAC run efficiently.

Increasing usable space

Do you have a deck or patio that you use less than you wish? If that answer is yes, it may be time to consider adding an outdoor screen room. As stated above, adding a screen room can help increase comfort of outdoor living. A room like this can also help increase your indoor AND outdoor usable space.
When considering a fixed screen room, think about including a retractable screen in the design for more flexibility. With customizable sizes, retractable screens can increase the flow of your outdoor screen room with a click of a button. This is perfect for hosting a barbecue, enjoying the backyard with your family, or anything you can imagine.

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Evaluating Your Options

When deciding on a screen room, remember that your room can have both fixed and retractable screens. At Ace of Decks, fixed screen room systems are built and installed on site. For the fixed screen mesh, Ace of Decks uses “pool and patio” screen mesh which is approximately 20% thicker and more durable than typical mesh. Give us a call to discover more about Screen Rooms.

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Screen Rooms

Custom Screen Rooms


Increased Privacy


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