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Bolingbrook IL Retractable Power Screens

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Retractable Power Screens Bolingbrook

Suncoast has been manufacturing a broad range of exterior products for over 30 years. Retractable Power Screens in Bolingbrook are becoming very popular with our customers All our exterior products have proven their reliability and dependability in all climates, including our harsh northern winters. We continually work with industry leaders to ensure we remain at the forefront of technological developments while maintaining the highest standards in quality across our entire exterior product lineup. Get started with our Bolingbrook Retractable Power Screens today!

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Features & Ratings

  • Highest quality mesh. We provide screens for every application (Sun, Wind, Privacy, Bugs, Warmth)
  • Screens and vinyl withstand wind up to 65 mph in closed position
  • Intelligent motors that detect wind and obstacles
  • Our housings and tracks are high quality extruded aluminum with a powder coated finish
  • We offer a variety of profiles to facilitate fixed screens and buildout


Retractable Power Screens Bolingbrook IL Questions

With the click of a button, your screens conveniently roll down to provide comfort and protection. When not in use, they simply roll up out of view. If you have a fireplace or heaters in your outdoor area, retractable screens create a room that retains the heat, blocks the wind, and keep those bugs out.

While the average installation is a 10-12-foot-wide screen; Suncoast RETRACTABLE POWER SCREENS can fit single openings as large as 30 feet wide (with a fully enclosed housing) and 24 feet tall! They are a great solution for commercial and residential renovation and construction projects.

Absolutel! For those who want the ability to completely remove the screen, perhaps over the winter months or during parts of the day, Suncoast offers RETRACTABLE POWER SCREENS.
Combined with over 25 years of industry experience, Suncoast RETRACTABLE POWER SCREENS use the highest quality materials and components to create a product second to none.

Housings Sizes and Spans


  • 5.5” housing can span up to 22’ wide and 11’ drop


  • 7.7” housing can span up to 30’ wide and 22’ drop

Density Comparison Bolingbrook

We have a variety of mesh densities and colours to meet your needs. For more details, please contact us.

Retractable Vinyl Bolingbrook IL

High quality vinyl creates an all season space.

Bolingbrook Retractable Power Screens Components

  • Smart Home Capability

  1. Download our app and control your screens on a schedule and from anywhere in the world
  2. Voice recognition capability through smart home products
  3. Integrate with your current home control system

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  • Industry Leading Warranty Bolingbrook

Due to the high quality of our components, we proudly offer the best warranty in the industry.

  • 10 Years warranty on all materials
  • 5 Years warranty on mechanical and motors
  • 1 Year mesh and vinyl

Warranty covers manufacturers defects, regular wear and tear, and any other incidentals that are not caused by misuse of the product.

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