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Deck Resurfacing

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Why Do You Need Deck Resurfacing?

Second Chance

Revitalize your deck and bring it back to life with our unique products.

Wood to Composite

It’s the opportunity to upgrade your deck to a sturdier and practical surface.

Give your deck some style

Impress friends and family with a better looking deck that you’ll be proud of.

Your incredible deck awaits, so choose from these features

stunning composite deck

Deck Resurfacing

Resurfacing is a process where we strip the deck down to the framing and install new decking and railing. Resurfacings can also be an opportunity to upgrade from a wood to composite deck.

repairing a deck

Deck Repairs

Some common repairs include replacing a railing section that has deteriorated, replacing stair treads, deck boards, replacing stair sections, or even raising and supporting a sagging deck.

under deck inspection

Deck Inspections

It is important to first thoroughly walk through your deck and check for any failures in your structure. Some of the easier things to check for include checking if any railings or decking boards are loose.

demo and rebuild deck

Deck Demo & Rebuild

A demo and rebuild offers the opportunity to rethink your space and design something that fits you better.

We make our process simple and easy to follow


Start Your Project

The very first step. Fill out a form and submit a video and let’s get started!


Discovery Call

We’ll ask questions and set expections for your new outdoor living space.


On-Site Construction

We’ll conduct an in-depth property assessment and gather all details.


Design Phase

Once we receive your feedback and approval, we’ll develop a realistic 2D/3D plan.


The Final Estimate

Our final estimate will detail the scope of work before we start the construction process.


Construction Begins

You can leisurely await your soon-to-be dream landscape!

Rejuvinate your deck

Do you currently have issues with your deck, but don’t know where to start?
We understand exactly where you are coming from, and we want to help! Deck resurfacing is a chance to elevate your deck from wood to a composite deck, which has far more benefits. A composite deck simply lasts longer and is low-maintenance.
Is your deck deteriorating and you need to find a solution? This is where deck repairs come in handy. Deck repairs will help raise the value of your deck and open your mind to other additions.
If you’re looking into having your deck inspected, then you’ve come to the right place. When inspecting your own deck, there are other simple details to check for like loose or missing hardware, warped or loose boards, house flashing (if Attached to House) and unsturdy stairs.
Finally, a demo and rebuild of your deck could be the most important thing you do to your outdoor living space. If your deck is at this point of its life, it may be a good idea to start over to avoid risking the safety and well being of your family and friends.

white deck stairs