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Regular maintenance is a crucial component to extending the life of your deck. Waiting until signs of deterioration can be too late and could require a full rebuild. Aside from the yearly wear, it is important to note that building codes have changed for safety requirements. It is estimated that 60 percent of the 45 million deck structures in America have safety issues. The following are keys to a safe deck and a few tips to keeping your deck safe and looking good.

Deck Resurfacing

Resurfacing is a great way to give your deck a second chance and bring it back to life. Resurfacing is a process where we strip the deck down to the framing and install new decking and railing. This process leaves your deck looking like a new one much quicker and for a fraction of the price. Resurfacings can also be an opportunity to upgrade from a wood to composite deck. Although resurfacing is an excellent option, it is important to inspect the deck prior to ensure the existing framing is in good condition to be reused. If you are unsure if your deck is capable of being resurfaced, contact a specialist to be sure you’re not wasting money rather than saving.

Deck Repairs

Doing repairs to a deck can increase the life of your deck and will ensure a safe space. Some common repairs include replacing a railing section that has deteriorated, replacing stair treads, deck boards, replacing stair sections, or even raising and supporting a sagging deck.

Deck Inspections

It is important to first thoroughly walk through your deck and check for any failures in your structure. Some of the easier things to check for include checking if any railings or decking boards are loose. Other simple details to check for include loose or missing hardware, warped or loose boards, house flashing (if Attached to House) and unsturdy stairs. Lastly, checking your footings, framing, and posts is equally important. If your posts are in the ground, your deck might not be in as good condition as you may think. We recommend hiring a specialist to inspect your deck because some key issues such as flashing and footing condition might be difficult to assess.

Deck Demo & Rebuild

Through all the previous services we have mentioned the importance of inspecting a deck to evaluate your options and make the best decision. But what happens when things don’t check off? Decks typically hit a lifespan of 15 to 20 years due to lenient building codes in the past. If your deck is at this point of its life, it may be a good idea to start over to avoid risking the safety and well being of your family and friends. A demo and rebuild offers the opportunity to rethink your space and design something that fits you better.