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Why Custom Railings?

Match your deck with Crystal, Aluminum, Composite, or Vinyl railing. Independent of what deck board you go with, any of these rails will complement your deck perfectly. The hardest decision is choosing which one you love the most.


Crystal Railing

Crystal Railing is just that, Crystal clear glass; the glass will give your deck an unmatched look both day and night. 10mm No-Iron Tempered Glass panels provide strength, safety, and clarity that you have never experienced before. This does not mean you sacrifice safety, Crystal railing conforms to code specifications in U.S. and Canada. It is easy to install, no splicing wires or direct hard wiring required. The best part is it is Just PLUG-AND-PLAY with Remote control access.


Aluminum Railing

Aluminum is highly versatile. Aluminum is constructed into extremely tough forms for heavy-duty applications and to increase its strength, manufacturers often alloy it with other metals. Its unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio makes it an excellent choice for constructing railings. Aluminum’s appearance is versatile, clean, and stylish. Railings made of aluminum are available in a variety of styles, from modern and trendy to traditional and old-fashioned. The powder coating offers dependable style and durability. Powder coating is available in a wide range of colors, including custom colors, so you can select the shade that best compliments your application.

Aluminum Railings pros:
  • Last Decades
  • Maintains its beauty & strength
  • Fully Recyclable!
  • Powder coating protects the metal and preserves its condition
  • Resists:
  • Corrosion
  • Rust
  • Decay
  • Insect Infestations
  • Much more!
Requires Minimal:
  • Painting
  • Staining
  • Constant Treatment


Composite Railing

Maintenance required for composite railing is quite low, leaving more time for enjoyment. You can find a fairly wide range of color options for composite railing. This extended range of colors usually allows composites to provide a better compliment to their surroundings, providing years of low-maintenance enjoyment.


  • Look and Feel of wood
  • Offers a variety of colours
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Often protected by multi-year warranties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to run and hide lighting wiring
  • Can be curved for dramatic results
  • Easy to work with
  • Customizability


Vinyl Railing

Vinyl is a wonderfully resilient material that can retain its original appearance for decades with very little maintenance. It’s typically invulnerable to most of the weathering damage that wears down wood. Additionally, vinyl railings are UV-resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Vinyl railings don’t hold paint well, which means your color options are limited to those that the manufacturer produces. Moreover, this material has an inescapably modern aesthetic that may look out of place in an environment with an otherwise vintage style.

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