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Covered outdoor living spaces allow you to make the most of your space outdoors. Covered outdoor living spaces come with a variety of features, from living and dining areas to outdoor kitchens and bars and everything in between.From daily living and entertainment to aesthetics and property value, there are many benefits of a covered patio. Consider our following types of coverings to add to your deck and maximize your investment!

Louvered Roofs

Louvered roofs bring you the best of both worlds.These roofs have become a popular choice to take your outdoor living space to the next level. Louvered roofs provide partial shade like a pergola, but also a waterproof space for when the rain tries to ruin the party. These motorized louvered roof systems provide additional perks such as lighting, fans and dry space for TV’s and outdoor kitchens, and even retractable screens for when you need some extra shade.

Retractable Power Screens

For those who want the ability to completely remove the screen, perhaps over the winter months or during parts of the day, Suncoast offers RETRACTABLE POWER SCREENS. While the average installation is a 10-12-foot-wide screen; Suncoast RETRACTABLE POWER SCREENS can fit single openings as large as 30 feet wide (with a fully enclosed housing) and 24 feet tall! They are a great solution for commercial and residential renovation and construction projects.


Pergolas are outdoor living features that provide partially shaded walkways, passageways, or sitting areas using lattice or thin cross members. Pergolas can be freestanding structures or they can also be attached to a house. These structures offer many design options to fit any kind of feeling you’re looking to get from your space. Common materials for pergolas include wood, vinyl, steel/aluminum, stone/veneer and fiberglass.


Pavilions are permanent outdoor living structures that offer a roof much like the roof of a house. Pavilions are designed to provide a blend of the beautiful outdoors while still feeling like you’re in a protected space. These structures can be free standing or they can be built as an addition to your home. Pavilions can be decorated with fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and bars, tv’s, sound systems and many more features to create an extension of your home.


Gazebos are free standing structures that often come in a hexagonal or octagonal shape and have a roof. These structures are typically used as a focal point in a yard or can also be built into your deck for a place to relax. These structures are also commonly used for events such as family gatherings, picnics, special events such as ceremonies and weddings, or even as a beautiful background for a photo shoot. In a garden setting, a gazebo can serve as a focal point- something to be viewed and appreciated- or situated in a location on a property (like a hill) that offers views while providing shelter from the sun.

Sun Rooms

Sun rooms are popular additions to a home. These structures are designed to give you the best of the outdoors while being indoors. Sun rooms are spaces that are protected by windows and doors which give you beautiful views while maintaining a controlled temperature inside. Want to feel more connected with the outdoors? No problem, open up all the windows and doors and you will have a nice breath of fresh air. Sun rooms allow you to add features such as furniture, TV’S, sound systems, refrigerators and more! After all they are a direct extension of your home.

Screen Rooms

Screen Rooms are very similar to Sunrooms except they do not provide temperature regulated space. Screen rooms can be built with fixed screen walls, or can be built using electric retractable screens for unobscured views. Although these screen rooms don’t provide temperature controlled environments, they can still be equipped with features such as T.V’s, outdoor kitchens, lights, fans and so much more.