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Naperville deck builders specialize in Residential Decks, Repairs & Maintenance, Pool & Spa Decks and Commercial Decks. We offer financing options to make your life easier.

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Our Naperville deck builders work with all kinds of material and installation types. So, whether your deck needs to be rebuilt or resurfaced; on a residential or commercial property, Naperville deck builders are your best choice when it comes to your outdoor l iving space. Our experience and skill level means that we can tackle any size project smoothly and efficiently. Contact our luxury Naperville deck builders today at (630) 354-8887 or schedule a consultation today.

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Upgrade Your Family Space | New Custom Deck

Deck Rotting? Damaged? Falling Apart? Color Fading?

It’s time to transition that old deck into a beautiful low-maintenance Custom Deck that will last you decades.

What Kind Of Custom Deck Can I Upgrade To?

We recommend upgrading to a Composite Deck. It requires very little maintenance and it has the look and feel of wood.

Think of A Composite Deck Like This:

  • Retain Their Look Year After Year
  • They Come As Prefinished Flooring
  • Prevents Weathering, Warping, Splintering & Fading
  • Never EVER Needs Sanding, Staining, or Painting

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Add Custom Railing To Your Deck

Beautify Your Deck With Custom Railings.

In addition to a deck, you’ll need to add Custom Railing. They help make your deck stand out so you and your family can enjoy a better looking outdoor space.

Which Custom Railing Should I Choose?

Choose between the following:

Composite Railing

  • Looks & Feels Like Wood
  • Very Durable
  • Low-Maintenance

Aluminum Railing

  • Highly Versatile
  • Lasts Decades
  • Low-Maintenance

Crystal Railing

  • 10mm No-Iron Tempered Glass Panels
  • Extremely Strong
  • High-End Railing System

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Next-Level Steel Deck Framing

The Future Of Decking Is Right At Your Doorstep

Have you heard of Steel Deck Framing? Bolster your outdoor living space by building an exceptionally sound custom deck. The future is yours so be the first one!

What Exactly is Steel Deck Framing?

Steel Deck Framing is extremely low-maintenance and is built with superior engineering. You won’t need to even touch your deck for years to come. Ask about Steel Deck Framing today.

Steel Deck Framing Gives You The Following:

  • Looks and installs like wood
  • Works with any type or brand of decking, including composite, PVC, aluminum, tile, wood and tropical hardwoods
  • Carries a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • A noncombustible material, resistant to fire and invulnerable to rotting, warping, splitting and pesky insect damage

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Weather-Proof Your Deck with Rainguard

A deck that resists all weather types.

Rainguard decking protects your deck substructure from moisture and shields the area below from the weather elements. It’s a sophisticated system that will add value to your deck.

Why Should Go With An Under-Deck Drainage System?

It’s simple. Not only can you and your family enjoy a completely covered deck that is shielded from the weather, but you can add some glorious features like:

  • Add A Big Screen TV
  • Install A Full Outdoor Kitchen
  • Create A Comfortable Seating Area
  • Increase Your Storage Space

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Trusted Deck Builder Company in Naperville

Naperville Deck Builders, Ace of Decks LLC is a luxury deck building company, and has years of experience serving the Naperville, Il area. Our composite deck builders will tranform your outdoor living space and leave you with absolutely no worries. Our Naperville deck builders are determined to create a custom deck that succeeds your expectations. We are equipped the latest products and have the trust of many customers throughout the Naperville area.

If you’re looking for custom deck builders, composite decks, pool and spa decks, commercial decks, pergolas and overhangs, Naperville deck builders is certainly the place to begin. We strive to provide reliable residential and commercial deck builder services in Naperville. Give yourself the best peace of mind by having the ultimate outdoor living space created. Our Naperville deck builders are here to stay.

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Naperville’s Luxury Deck Builders

Why Choose Us As Your Naperville Deck Builders Experts?

Naperville deck builders will assess your deck and tell you what we would do, whether that’s a resurface or rebuilding job. Second, we’ll lay out all of your options so you can decide what’s best for you. You can feel good knowing we’ve gone over every detail. That’s why Ace of Decks LLC should be your go-to Naperville deck builders.

The first step is to get in touch with our Naperville deck builders. From here you can expect to receive more information about us and how we conduct our projects. We look forward to meeting you at your home to discuss your project in detail. As Naperville deck builders, we consider this to be a brainstorming session where we will address your desires for your project. Finally it’s go time! Production will take place to build your dream custom deck.

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Composite Decking

Deck Builders Near me

Your deck builders near me are here to create and build solutions for customers of all types. Across the Chicagoland area, your local deck builders Naperville, IL strive to exceed your expectations. The opporunity of a lifetime is here!

We are local deck builders that offer a combination of elaborate designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and a fine perception of detail, we always deliver a unique experience. As a deck company in Naperville, we are committed to providing an outdoor living experience that surpasses your wildest dreams. Our deck builders near me are devoted to transforming your backyard into a personalized oasis.


Picture the beginninig of spring with stunning composite deck boards from your Naperville deck builders. An outdoor living space that can and will withstand the elements of the weather. Our Naperville deck builders can create a deck that accentuates your summer vibes where you can host barbeques and birthday parties of sorts. Worried about winter time? Don’t worry because our luxury decks will stand out during those cold months.

Our Naperville deck builders have the following services: Residential Decks, Repairs & Maintenance, Pool & Spa Decks, Commercial Decks, Perlogas & Overhangs, Steel Framing, Outdoor Kitchens, Full Outdoor Package. All of which allow you build the ultimate outdoor oasis.

Our services span the entire Chicagoland area including Naperville, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Barrington, Glenview, Winnetka, Riverside, Wilmette, and more! Look no further than your luxury Naperville deck builders and reach out to us at: (630) 354-887. We’re ready to take you call.

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Common Deck Builder Questions

The first thing to consider should be the age of the deck. How well the deck was maintained can be the difference between having to rebuild rather than just resurfacing. Click here to learn more: Should I Resurface Or Rebuild My Deck?

Here are some things to know before deciding on having a deck built:

  • Size of Your Deck
  • Design
  • Location
  • Budget
  • Deck Materials
  • Maintenance
  • Time of the season
  • The Contractor/Company
  • Paperwork/Construction Process

Click here to learn more: Top 9 Things To Know Before Building A Deck

Yes! A deck also increases a home’s usable space – but costs only about half of what it would to build a new room in the house. The nice thing about adding a deck is that it’s a relatively low-risk addition. Click here to learn more: Does A Deck Add Value To My Home?

Taking on a deck yourself is going to take more time and require some outdoor savviness. Ultimately the best option out of the two would be to hire a deck contractor. Not only do they know what they’re doing, but they will save you time and energy and get the job done the right way.

Click here to learn more: Should You Build A Deck Yourself Or Hire A Pro?

Here’s a fact: Wood Rots. You can extend the life with diligent maintenance and upkeep, but eventually you’re going to be dealing with soft, structurally compromised wood in your framing.

Click here to learn more: Steel Framing Vs. Wood Deck Framing.

Discover even more with our popular Steel Framing services.

Best Local Deck Builders Naperville

Improve your outdoor living space with our local deck builders in Naperville. It’s a great chance to upgrade your home whilst also adding value. Take advantage of financing today, which means that a luxury deck is perfectly attainable. Explore out blog page which explains your burning questions about your #1 deck company in Naperville. Check out our gallery page that shows off all of our hard work. Contact your local deck builders in Naperville today.

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