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From initial Contact to completed project we want to make sure that we cater to the things that matter most to you. Creating your perfect outdoor space begins with putting your ideas on paper. A custom build can be difficult to visualize without a design. Simple square structures might be easier to envision, but elaborate designs that demonstrate multiple features and different colors might not be so easy to envision. Design is a crucial component of a successful project. Our Design Services provide clear expectations and many added benefits.

Design Consulting

A design consultation includes a home visit, site analysis, and product samples. The goal of the consultation is to ultimately give you a price range for what your project could cost. This saves you time and money and gives you a quick idea of what your budget might look like.

Construction Prints

Construction prints ensure a smooth production, simple permitting process, and a peace of mind. Lose no sleep wondering how your dek will turn out!

3D Rendering

3D renderings give you a clear visualization of your personalized backyard getaway. A 3D rendering allows you to get a glance into the future so you can love it before we build it!

Design Renderings

The Ace Client Experience

Planning & Site Analysis

A well catered design should begin by having an Idea of what your vision will look like. When beginning a design, it is crucial to spend some time in your backyard and begin to understand not only your view of the final result, but also analyze the existing site conditions. During a Home Consultation we look for information such as how will your space be used? Do you plan on having furniture? What amenities will we be adding to your dream space? These kinds of questions allow us to fully understand your goals and create a plan of attack to Ace your backyard.

Save Time & Money

Many times homeowners dream of creating their own backyard retreat. Sometimes creating a design can become more of a daunting task than some people may think. On the contrary you might just want us to design something that fits your list of priorities. Although this may be true, we recommend working with a professional to dissect every last detail of your project. For either option, having the guidance of a designer can help speed up the process and make it a pain free process.

Budgeting/Clear Pricing

When working with a custom build, it can be difficult to get an exact price for a project. If you have been browsing and calling contractors for a price, you might have heard a contractor say “it depends” when talking about pricing. Having a clear scope of work allows your contractor to fully understand the scope of work and provide more accurate quotes. As a homeowner it can be frustrating to not have a clear understanding of how much a project will cost. A design helps minimize that pain while saving you time and money.

Efficiency (Green)

Efficiency of your project means making the project a smooth operation for you and your family. Creating a timeline can help project the time it will take to produce your project. When planning and scheduling, designs offer a clear list of materials and a clear scope of work needed to minimize waste and meet deadlines.


Attaining required permits can be handled by your contractor on your behalf. The permitting process requires a clear understanding of how the project will be built. Permits along with the inspections done throughout the construction process ensure you a safe build that meets all code regulations..

Client Engagement

At Ace of Decks we want our clients to be just as excited about their new backyard as we are about tackling their project. Our designs allow for you to have a clear understanding of how your project will come together and allows for you to engage in the process. During the production process you will know what we are doing and the upcoming steps. After all, the magic of your project happens in the production process!