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Student Internship Program


Are you looking to gain experience within a small business? At Ace of Decks, we specialize in bringing families together by creating innovative outdoor living spaces. We bring core values within our business in order to improve our everyday work ethic.
Ace of Decks is the “real world” experience you’re looking for in entrepreneurship, business development, construction, marketing, sales, creativity, etc.
As an intern within our small business at Ace of Decks, you will work on high-quality projects where you will gain valuable experience while delivering work that makes a difference. We strive to provide our interns with a meaningful experience and consider Ace of Decks a full-time career post-graduation.
Our paid internship offers the opportunity for students be paid between $12 – $18 an hour depending on the position you’re interning for.


  • Develop blog content that will be used for educational purposes within our sales/marketing team and clients – more information provided during the interview
  • Participate in team meetings and strategy sessions to help identify areas of success and opportunities
  • Read “They Ask You Answer” By Marcus Sheridan at the time of accepting the internship with Ace of Decks
  • Assist with marketing activities – creating and analyzing
  • If applicable, attending a project site to get an overview of how Ace of Decks completes an outdoor living project

What We’re Looking For

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate students majoring in the following:
    • Art & Design
    • Business Analytics
    • Business Administration
    • Communication & Media Arts
    • English
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing
    • Web Application Development
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications and Google/Google Drive
  • Self-motivated and results-driven individual who will make an impact while utilizing
  • Strong written and verbal skills to communicate effectively
  • Ability to work independently
  • Team-oriented – develops positive relationships with co-workers and others involved
  • Authorization to work in the United States


Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive an email to schedule an in-person interview. Once the interview has been completed, we will select the intern that best fits our needs.
What to keep in mind prior to your interview:

  • Bring your best true self and your best ideas to Ace of Decks
  • Diverse perspectives bring forth better problem solving and better solutions for our clients
  • You’ll be trusted to do your job in an environment that is energetic
  • Leaders and teammates will be too sure to guide you in the right direction – we move forward together and always have each other’s back
  • Ace of Decks has a positive, success-driven attitude where you will learn and forge strong relationships within the team
  • Ace of Decks is a place where we aspire to be better than we were yesterday
  • Bring a brief resume/summary of current/previous classes/jobs/internships/volunteer job
  • Dress to impress!
  • What makes you a good candidate for Ace of Decks?