August 4, 2022

Best Deck Covers for a Deck in 2022

It’s probably that time of the season where every home owner is thinking to themselves: is a covered deck worth it?

But when you’re ready to answer that question, you’ll be faced with many others.
How do you put a deck cover on an existing deck? What is the best material for deck covers? And, perhaps most importantly… how much will the solution(s) to these problems actually cost?

Most home owners rely on deck covers to protect and secure the interior of their deck during the colder months, when it’s simply not practical to be in your outdoor living space.

But like many other deck products, savvy shoppers can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer range of choices available, and the varying features, benefits, and drawbacks of each type of deck cover.

There are two popular types of deck covers: louvered roofs and pergolas.
You can essentially enjoy your deck year round with a louvered roof whilst also preserving the life of your deck.

In this article, we’ll look at some top-notch options in each category of pool cover, to help you best protect your deck year round and with as little maintenance as possible.

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Best deck cover for all seasons: Louvered Roof


  • Price: $10,000+
  • Type: Deck cover (year round)
  • Abilities: retractable louvers, UV protection
  • Material: powder coated aluminum

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